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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sc_obvious, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Being the lazy sod that I am and can't be arrsed to ask anyone around here, I was just wondering if anyone knew why Lightweights and Shirt GS have made a comeback in Blandford ? Can we all look forward to the days of rediculous two tone trousers and stitched in creases, Jumpers with laces and pritsticked arms ?
  2. I for one hope they do make a comeback since Combats are ridiculous as working dress.

    As for two tone trousers and other remarks, it is down to supervising NCO's to crackdown on such practices, Andy Cap berets is another pet hate of mine. We are a uniformed army and should dress in a uniform manor.

    <End of Rant>
  3. So the RPs can tell the difference between the sprogs and the upgraders, from what I've been told.
  4. Wise words Mike.

    Should we agree to spell in an uniform manner as well? ;)

    Yes, I'm a twat...
  5. Didn't the Kray twins have a "Manor"?
  6. Er....presumably you would issue the death sentence for stepping on the cracks in the pavement?
    Flogged for "looking at me in a funny way"
    Or being in possession of curly black hair and big lips?
    (thank you Not The Nine O'Clock News)
  7. What the hell........................ Spelling was never one of my good points!

    Opinion stays the same however.

    I take you do not agree?
  8. Why stop at lightweights and GS shirts, bring back the KF shirt, DMS and putees, SLRs, tin lids and 58 Pattern webbing. Those were the days.
  9. One reason is that in the long run Lightweights and GS Shirts cost less than C95 DPM to replace becouse they last longer. If and when the new Combat Dress is ready to issue, it may be that Lightweights or Coveralls will indeed make a comeback army wide. Or something very much like it. The signals are in fact not the only ones wearing them.

    As for KF Shirts, DMS Boots, Puttees, Tin Lids and 58 Webbing - Somethings have had there day.
    The SLR now thats a differant matter!!!!
  10. Howay_the_Lads: "Why stop at lightweights and GS shirts, bring back the KF shirt, DMS and putees, SLRs, tin lids and 58 Pattern webbing. Those were the days"

    58 pattern webbing? If you want to go on excersise / ops with a large pack then fill your boots.

    Strangly, I liked working dress when it was all OG trousers and shirst and jumpers heavy wool. Except the habit in the RLC TA of wearing stable belts over our jumpers. Was this just us, or did other units in the TA or Regs do this too?
  11. Only ever wore working dress as a sprog, never as a tradesman, we always had to wear our belts (the green webbing ones, not stable belts obviously) over our jumpers.

    Does anyone know why random sprogs in Blandford have started wearing stable belts on their working dress again? They're definitely not upgraders so has the policy changed or should I be bollocking them for wearing them?
  12. I quite like C95 as it's much more practical, but why oh why can't we wear the wooly pully with it? In the winter you either have to walk round in your smock all day (thus attracting accusations that you're a big girl's blouse), or freeze your knackerz off and end up with nipples like tank starter buttons.
    Two other points about C95:
    The trousers are great for most of the year, but not warm enough for winter. Yes I know it's supposed to be layered, but not so practical if you only own one pair of thermals. The old lined combats were great in winter.
    Second point is, why do they bother producing it in all those pretty DPM patterns? Because it seems that every couple of months, some knob-ed invents a new brightly coloured badge for us to sew on it somewhere. We're all starting to look like cub scouts.
  13. so blandford have finally decided that the sprogs should wear lightweigts and gs shirts? .. at last a decision has been made. at least when on a course you can tell who is who! .
  14. Ah the good old CS95 is costing to much becuase it's being worn to much and wearing out. Ok army the solution is simple. DONT GET UNIFORMS MADE IN A ROMANIAN SWEATSHOP, CS95 would be more hard wearing and last longer therefor costing less if it was made by a decent manufacturer. Has the army not realised that If the new lightweights (yes new i've seen em and they're sh!te) are worn then they'll wear out just as quick and cost just as much.
  15. On the matter of badges I agree it is getting out of hand. When I was an instructor at blandford we had to take off the ATRA badge because partly the DS could not wear it but mainly because we are not surposed to sow anything onto CS95. Then they came out with the Union jack and DZ Flash !!

    Now I am at 7 SR and we have 4 yes 4 badges on our arms (same goes or 16 SR) and to make it worse I am now in Baghdad and badged up to the hilt on my dessies!

    As per usual a desicion is made and then ignored!!