Working Class Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. Anyone see it on CH4 tonight, I thought it was well made, the presenter was well informed being a working class wallah come good himself, his point about the media making the working class become described as "pikey-chav scum" is all too true, we all laugh and point fingers at the chavs but isn't that what most of us are really anyway? chav = white working class
  2. Gah, you wouldn't catch me dead in a stripey cap and knitware!

    However I do feel that as a working class white Christian male, I seem to be at a strange disadvantage - no Government quota increasing my chances of employment or job promotion for example.
  3. Which is more or less what was being driven at, we've been eradicated from the history books "from salt of the earth to scum of the earth" was a phrase used methinks
  4. Whatever do chavs have to do with working class Britain? I would stake my gonads on the fact that there isn't a chav family in the nation that doesn't survive on benefits. They're an underclass; parasitic and without pride, bugger all to do with the working class.
  5. And guaranteed to remain so by the current powers that be, I sometimes wish i did not work all my life so i could have a better car bigger house and go on holidays more often!
  6. there is more snobbery amongst the working class
  7. There is a majority of people in this country that can claim benefits. If your household income is below £50k then you can claim. You've paid the tax, get back what you can from Smiling Gordon.
  8. Chavs are not working class - since they have no concept of pride in your work and in yourself. They are self-indulgent pillocks who have nothing better to do than loiter in small gangs (or thickets), and compare notes on what they can steal next.
  9. Although there are many gypsies and "chavs" in my area, I think that coating them all with the pariah and social deviant's brush is unjustified.

    Some of the ones I have met have been very courteous, verging on deferential, hard workers and take care of their elders. It's only the odd one or two which really make the headlines in my area which tar the others.

    Personally would like to see more tolerance and integration and less finger pointing on all sides.
  10. buttercup.

    Thou speaketh boll*x.
  11. because.............
  12. Because theyre still benefit scrounging chavs, who break into cars, burgle houses, attack members of the public, burn rubbish bins,

    I dont know where you found these 'nice' chavs or whoever you refer to.

    Are there a lot of them in your Journalist's office?
  13. By definition 'Chavs' are little fatherless's who like to break/steal and generally terrorise the local area. Any nice chavs are not chavs at all.
  14. Am not a journalist but it's common sense that we can't keep up this "us and them" feud forever. What will we achieve?

    My understanding of the origin of the word "chav" was from the Romany "friend". Like it or not, they are here to stay and I'm of the view that the constant friction would be greatly reduced if both sides could exercise a little more tolerance and a little less finger pointing.
  15. I like your idea, but its fundamentally floored!

    Chavs arn't working class, you have to work to be working class, and by general definition, chavs don't work.

    I have no problem with household income U50K taking benefits, however, households with no income getting more benifits that my family does when both of us work full time and have to pay for nursery and the like, then there is something wrong, very wrong!

    They should be made to do something that earn it, even if its just becoming dusmens assistants, picking up the stuff that hardworking dustmen don't want to!

    I hate the fact that people just constantly take advantage and see it as thir right to do so and s1ss it up the wall. Benifits were there for a reason, for those who really needed it, not those who take it becuase they can't be bothered to earn their own cash and have no pride in providing for your family.

    ........and, breathe out.......