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I am thinking of trying to get a posting as a recruiter. Anyone who has done or is doing this role care to shed some light on pros/cons of the job. Plus any info on the process of applying to be a recruiter and any courses required would be good.



The pros's of working as a recruiter is the stability you get, weekends off etc. The cons are having to lie, cheat and deceive innocent members of the public into joining an organisation that will just abuse their faith! If it doesn't get you killed due to lack of body armour, it will prosecute you for war crimes! The paperwork is horrendous not to mention the 3 days "Equal Opportunities" package on the recruiters course. Equal opportunities being a euphimism for promoting incompetents providing they meet the correct racial profile. You have to work with the dreggs of society and thats just your fellow recruiters... My advice..... get a civvy job in Iraq, the moneys better...
I have worked in recruiting, though not as a recruiter. If you agree with what Herrenbloke has written then recruiting is probably not for you. In fact if you think equal opportunities is a euphemism for promoting incompetents than it probably is time for that civy job. The paper work is horrendous and to be fair some of the people who walk through the doors can be very, very frustrating.

He is wrong, though when he says you get weekends off. Prepare to work the majority of weekends in the summer season. Also be prepared to be judged by the number of people you put into the Army and into your Regiment or Corps. Recruiting is a difficult, demanding and frustrating job and therefore not one to be taken lightly.

Sorry to be negative. It can of course be rewarding when you help good people into the Army and perhaps serve with them when you return to your unit or see their name on a list of awards, maybe years later.

(Slightly more embarrassing when they post shite about themselves on face party!)


Actually your more likely to see their names in the obituary pages. As for promoting incompetents, I'm speaking from bitter experience, the sad thing is, a lot of the decent minority guys get tarred with the same brush (No pun intended) Equal opportunities is NOT equal.. what do you think happens to those ethnic monitoring forms you complete? to measure the recruitment or promotion figures, or to ensure that the quotas are filled to keep the Racial Equality Commission happy??? Recruiting can be satisfying but try rejecting an unsuitable ethnic minority candidate and see what happens...
I'm not arguing with you Herrenbloke. If you say that you've had a bitter personal experience trying to remove an incompetent person but being prevented because of his ethnicity then I believe you. And yes we have quota laid down by the CRE. But I would argue that we should be recruiting "more diversely". If you want to argue against that then we probably need to start a new thread.

As for reading recruits names in the obituary pages then speak truer than you know.


The MOD spends millions on specific ethnic minority recruiting, result? a small percentage of adequate recruits, if only we had the recruiting figures of The Taliban, they had no shortage of "British" people flocking to their banner, several thousand perhaps... It's all about destroying the ethos and culture of our country as part of deliberate Nu Labour policy. I used to be a very loyal soldier, now when I leave the army, I won't be encouraging anyone to join, on hthe contrary, I will make it a point to expose the lies and hypocisy I've witnessed...
Herrenbloke said:
The pros's of working as a recruiter is the stability you get, weekends off etc.
I wonder if we've just discovered a principle reason for the shortfall in recruits?

I never could work out why there were so many campaigns to save the Scottish Regiments while the entire fleet of Scottish Infantry recruiting trailers spends weekend afdter weekend parked up in Redford Barracks. Glad to find out it's so the recruiters can have weekends off.

Now, when are we likely to be able to engage with people who would otherwise be working in civvy jobs? Hmmmm, I wonder.......


They tried opening Recruiting Offices at weekends, result, extremely bored recruiters and one small daschund with a limp called colin making enquiries. It didn't work, they did a HR trial in Scotland using a civvy company, it didn't work although that was in no small part due to the resistance of the Scottish recruiters. We could do worse than give certain young offenders a choice of civvy punishmnet or a spell of military service assesment. You would be suprised how many decent guys we could get that way.
Anybody got any more up to date info on this role?

Thinking about applying for a recruiter's post; wouldnt mind the latest pros and cons.

Anybody got any more up to date info on this role?Thinking about applying for a recruiter's post; wouldnt mind the latest pros and cons.Cheers.
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