Working abroad whilst on terminal leave

MOD says no. However if the comapny is willing to take you on then I would do it. and just not say anything.

However, make sure the company you are working for has a good insurance package as the MOD wont pay out if you are injured. Fair enough I suppose.

Im surprised that a company will take you on though.
I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure the JSP says that you can find employment during OFFICIAL terminal leave. If you want to work during you ILA that you attached to you terminal leave, permission from the CO is required.
When I said that I am surprised a company would take you on I meant that I am surprised that they would employ you in Afghanistan before you are discharged. Every company I have spoke to regards Iraq/Afghan jobs have asked me to prove that via my red book.


Codhead- You are correct to a degree. You can work during termination leave. However you cannot work in places like Iraq/Afghan until you are discharged.
Correct. You are not permitted to engage in civil employment that could bring you into conflict with the civilian population. While you are a serving member of HM Forces. Could be classed as work experience though.

ie. Stewards. Bouncers/Doormen, security work etc...
couldn't you bring your discharge date forward to accomodate a new job on discharge? I seem to remember a clause that allowed this when I got out, (mind you it was a while back!) You would be forgoing some pay but your new job will pay better, maybe the pay and admin guys & gals on here coul help out
Depends on what company, if its a certain Canadian company in Kabul they will no problem
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