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The time has come for me to part with some cash. At present I have a Santa Fe but am thinking that either a Volvo v60 or Audi A4 estate would be good. Top limit it £25k and its needs to be speedy but able to chuck hounds and general rubbish in the back. Ive also thought about an ix35. Does anyone have any opinions on these, especially the Volvo please.
Out of warranty audis cost me loads to keep on the road :-(

Volvos seem a bit more "reliable" less sexy though

Got a Bi turbo, 2.7 allroad if you're interested, going cheap like the budgie

25K could put you in a brand new Skoda Octavia Vrs diesel estate with dsg. 180bhp+, zero rfl, 61 av. mpg and 600+ litres of boot space with seats up. Plus you'd have a good chunk of change out of your 25K.
I run an ix35 on fleet, does nothing well, and have the Audi tdi A4 estate as a private motor. 150k on my clock: I'll keep the Audi, thank you, but having run one before we do like the Skoda VRS, mentioned above, which is also the local Plod (petrol) muscle motor / interceptor, no bad advert when it's public money being accounted for.
Skoda superb estate 4x4 diesel 170PS.

You'll get a year old elegance for about 20k.

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I have a Volvo , excellent car..but, If I was in the market for a new estate, I would be looking long and hard at the Skoda tbh.
Only driven a Skoda once, but felt very good and really enjoyed the experience. A blue light driver I know bought a VRS as it was the best fast drive he has ever had, feeling safe-wise, since one of the old fast Volvos.
Out of warranty audis cost me loads to keep on the road :-(

Volvos seem a bit more "reliable" less sexy though

Got a Bi turbo, 2.7 allroad if you're interested, going cheap like the budgie

Invest in a copy of vcds and the lead to plug into your car. Cuts down on garage diagnostics costs.
Ive driven a few skodas and would agree with a vote for them. My old man gets loads in his Octavia estate. Two labradors in the back with the seats up no problem but they are both retired Guide Dogs so a littel smaller than the average lab.
Did i say i'be got a FSH 90,000 allroad for sale:biggrin:

2.7 bi turbo country monster

Cats recently done 1800 quid
New rubber within las 12 months

Air suspension totally fine

An absolute steal at 2100 ono

Selling only because i accidently bought an RS6:mrgreen: and don't have the room
Just a comment on the Skoda gearbox: The one I had was a b*****r to get into the right gear. 6 speed box but it had a mind of it's own as to what it would finally select.
It also had the autopark option and that made for some exciting moments :)

I've also had an Audi A4. It was a lovely car to drive but hellishly expensive for spares and repairs
Nothing younger than 12 years old, the older the better. No dodgy electronics, no DPF, no Dual mass flywheels, and if old enough, no road tax and to top it all off not enough residual value for depreciation to signify at all. I have just bought a Y reg 2.0i CRV 147hp, with one previous owner, full Honda history and 68k on the clock, it does my dogs, boat and caravan with no problems and if it is a bit heavy on fuel I don't care because even at 10mpg it would still be cheaper to run than my last car which needed a DPF service that cost nearly half what I paid for this one on top of sundry other issues with ESP lights etc and frequent trips to the diagnostic computer.
BMW 3 series tourer.
Audi is gash, skoda is a poor mans VW, Volvo is the first step towards the retirement home


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Look at Merc C class estates. There are mega deals to be had on them because the new one is coming out soon.

I have a lift share with an A4 estate owner and we both agree that the Merc is the nicer car. Likewise bro in law has an equivalent spec A4 estate and it was 10 grand more than my Merc. The Audi is also slower, drinks more diesel and is more expensive to tax.

A brand new base spec C class estate can probably be had for your budget, but I reckon you'd be better off with a fully loaded 1 year old one.

Merc also do forces discount. The C220 CDI is the way to go. 30 quid a year tax, 60ish MPG and goes like stink.

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