Work, Sex and Happiness...

Well, I'll be hornswoggled.. the boffins have proved things wrong again..

According to the London Times, so it must be true , there is " Good news for aspiring high achievers and borderline workaholics: you may be remiss in friendships and asleep at family gatherings, but you will be a big hit in the bedroom - Men who have difficulty balancing career and home life scored highest in a study of their wives' and girlfriends' satisfaction "
The research by Professor Johnathan Schwartz of Lousiana Tech University, challenges the popular notion that spouses of busy men are typically despearate housewives living lonely, unfulfilled lives...

Also, , the secret to real happiness isn't just money.. it's MORE money. and not just having more money than your neighbour, you've got to be making more than your friends and peers. If a 25 year old is making $ 30,000 a year, they're probably happy, but if you're 45 and making the same, you're not - because your friends are making more.. You have to be ahead of the earning curve by, at least, one third, over contemporaries to be content...
This was ' proven ' by researchers at Pennsylvania State University and is based on a 30 year survey of 18,000 people..

so there..

work hard, sleep less, multi-task, reap tons of money and you can f**k like a mink making the wife happy and the girlfriend pleased [ or is it just because you got more money to shower them with trinkets? ]

fat , lazy and poor is out..[ go figure ]

gee, these scientists sure have great insights..

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