Work sanctioned w@nk practice!

My office department volunteered to have rest-software installed on our pcs to try and fight the serious RSI problem throughout the company. This program measures your keystroke or mouse mouvement frequency, and depending on the rate, a pop-up will suggest a few seconds breather or will freeze your pc for 5 mins (make sure you have no porn up) and suggest some exercises/stretches.

The following exercise was suggested to me this morning to stretch the thumb tendons (with animated figure):
1. Sitting in your chair, rest your forearm on your thigh with your hand between your legs.
2: Curl your thumb into your palm and curl fingers around it.
3: Rock fist up and down. 3 sets with each hand :lol:

...perhaps I should have some porn on screen next time that one that one pops up.... :wink:
Super, will you pack it in ffs, am crying with laughter at your post, post pictures!!

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