Work Safe Sites

use google images and search for whever your heart desires - apparently
AnotherDay said:
Even the images on the G1 Morale site are blocked for me, so much hope at first as the site loaded.... :(
works on DII(F) may just need to give it time to download, but don't get too excited, they're all fully clothed! :(


pensionpointer said:
This has not quite genereated the level of response I had hoped for - is there nothing of interest that can sneak through the DII firewall?


Go to the nearest public toilet.Look behind the cistern in trap one.You will find a copy of Razzle there.This will help you out in the short term.
As soon as anyone posts a decent link it'll be blocked...............
if you search google images use vagina instead of cnut, i can get into loads of sites thru the dii f

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