Work place pranks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. Whats the best work place prank you've either witnessed or carried out yourself? In my previous job somebody applied deep heat cream to the door handle on the gents bogs, que a few blokes in the afternoon fidgeting like they had a bad case of the clap. All very mature of course!
  2. We set fire to the office block when the night shift were in there.

    In total, 7 men & women perished in the blaze, it was a right laugh.
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  3. That's nothing Badger we once sent a private to the stores for a long stand with hilarious consequences.
  4. And a tin of tartan paint?
  5. I'm not sure you're getting this ...
  6. I know a chap worked in an open plan office. Before he left, he removed the bottom drawer in his desk and put a large fish in there. It took a while for it to really stink and a lot longer for folk to work our where it was coming from.

    It didnt take long to work out who had done it LOL
  7. We once had a very much disliked leading hand on my watch when I was in the LFB. Whilst on night duty and he asleep on his bunk his earring was tied to the bed with 3 metres of fishing line. Then when the bells dropped he had 3 metres to get up a head of steam as he ran for the pole then.......AAAArrrrgggghhhhhh! Oh how we larffed!
  8. I didn't witness this one but was told about it later, young 16 year old apprentice on a farm I worked on about 12 years ago was duct taped/cable tied to the fork tines on a JCB telescopic handler by the older lads and left at maximum boom extension for the duration of his lunch break, I laughed when told but was secretly glad it wasn't me!
  9. We used to have one bloke who would catch us out every time. How we laughed!!

    Sometimes he actually did some work.
  10. Not my workplace, but I noted recently that someone, somewhere, turned on a swearword filter.
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  11. no way!
    what sort of cnut would do that, that sounds like a shit thing to do?
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  12. i worked in a peanut factory many moons ago,we sent a new lad over to a blond bird working in the packing
    to ask for a bucket of clitoris oil for the cashew nuts, she came back over with him and chinned the bloke who sent him it was well funny....
  13. Seen somebody ratchet strapped inside a "Tardis" portaloo which was then turned upside down.
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  14. The LFB permitted the wearing of earrings on duty? If that was the case then the bad rep they had from anyone who had encountered them on courses at Moreton seems well justified.
  15. i never fell for the old "go and get me a bubble for a spirit level from the SQMS" but i did see a couple of nigs fall for it
    oh and a left handed screwdriver...