Work permits in Canada

After 6 months of gentle persuasion, presenting business cases online at 6am etc. I've secured a transfer within my current firm from our Singapore office to the Vancouver office. I've done some online research with Mrs. lancslad but it's always good to validate that research with those ARRSERs in the know:

- if you're sponsored by a global firm and have an offer letter in your sticky palm how long would you typically expect the work permit process to take - they're looking at me starting beginning of June - is this realistic?
- best places to look for buying a property in Vancouver / Greater Vancouver?
- final point - what's the beer like :D

Property prices in Vancouver have gone crazy in recent years. However the Olympics has just finished there and the market is looking to slow down a little there. If you have any questions about property please drop me a line.

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You can't beat Vancouver for the lifestyle, the scenery and extracurricular activity. I live in a Southern suburn a 20 minute drive from downtown.

However you do pay for it in housing costs! Depending on which suburb you choose to live in, a detached house (2000 Sq Ft +) will cost you at least 500K +. In Vancouver it will be 800k in Canuck Bucks.

I would suggest going on hit the residential option and then on the next page hit the map. It will narrow it down to houses in your price range with your individual requirements (# rooms, bathrooms ect). Townhouses and apartment can be had for a little more reasonable, however if you are looking at the downtown core then the price will still blow your socks off!


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