Work Out Trouble


im struggling on the heaves even tho i can do them some days i can do 7+ some next day i struggle to do 3 even tho i rest relax ncie long soak in bath i know on the programme to fit for the army it does say rest a day then nxt day carry on but my mum been in and out of hospital after heart surgery so ive had 2 moniter her and learn things if anything happens so avnt had much time 4 training im only 2 days away from selection recruiter said no training or anything 2 days before selection so if i give my body 2 days to rest do you think that i will be back up to strength mate? cheers lads i need 2 be able to do at least 4

thanks guys appreciate maybe how to fix this someone said a cold bath and it also says that in the army booklet? any1 tried this?


You need the days (or two) rest.

If you have been training regularly, and not using maximum loads, you *can* train every day without any down time, but it's better to train every other day weights, that gives your muscles a day to recover. Training without recovered muscles will hinder improvements.

On the off-day, stick a run in or something. Can do CV work daily.


Sorry to hear about your mum mate, hpoe all works out

If your trying to increase the number of heaves, or pull ups you can do, I would suggest getting a cheap pullup bar, whacking it in a doorway, then knocking a few out every time you go past

If you do this, you'll soon be able to do more than 4 easily, as without realising it, you will be doing quite a number in a day.

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