Work in Libya - head's up reqd.

Good possibility of work coming up early 2012 somewhere in Libya ...exact location unknown at present.
Are any Arrser's working there at the moment ? If so....any recommendations on mobile phone networks to deal with ?
Is that the best solution for communications or is landline up and running now?

While I am at it - any other useful bits of info re: making life in general better appreciated.

Merry Christmas all.
Landlines are still down, but there are two mobile networks, al-Madar and Libyana, credit on both regularly topped up for free by the NTC. You can send and recieve calls outside Libya on al-Madar, not sure about Libyana. Roaming works with your UK provider, but it's expensive.

Advice: fly in, rather than going via Tunisia. The border's a nightmare. Getting a visa's a major drama too, these days. And bring booze...
Who are you working for....if opsec/persec isn`t an issue. I had been working for AMEC out there when it all kicked off in February and am looking to back next month.

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