Work in Libya for MAG


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chreest I made more than that 10 years ago just working in a safe office in London .
Another job offering an underwhelming salary to ex military because they know it is an easy market for those being made redundant.
It's not specifically offering jobs to ex-military because ex-military personnel would not typically tick all the boxes required to work for a multi-national NGO (I'm not sure how good you think the average redundant squaddie is, but they're not exactly the pinnacle of the employee population).

For the few people who are equipped to pass their selection the job would be an interesting leg-up in to an industry offering more than just take-home cash. At Directorial, or country manager level, the rewards are substantial and better than many other UK-based opportunities. Not for you and the miriad of band-wagon jumping billionaires obviously, but each to their own eh?

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