Work hard,Play hard????? a thing of the past?

Discussion in 'REME' started by daddyguns, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. Parties in the block, fridges full of beer in the workplace, vehicles stocked with ale and baileys for a 6 week mind feck on a cold training area, fridays fridge open at 10 for a reality check with the workforce, dont see it in our glorious Corp, is it just first line doing things right?? Or am i just an old fashioned chap who has been away from REME too long?? Would you still be in today if 15 years ago you were told how many beers you were officially allowed to keep in your room??Houston we have...........Our CORP?
  2. LOL

    Yeah I remember the old days, get the job done... work what ever hours were needed to do it, it would be ok cause the tiff would be flexible another day when he knew slack time could be given. Now the tiff has to get permission through Chain of command before he takes a fart. Far too much micromanagement, especially if you are now posted into a REME workshop.

    First line a Corporal runs the workforce, the Sergeant while run the shop floor and the tiff does the paperwork.

    Battalion there is only manpower from AQMS down as far as the OC and above think. Everyone is too worried about getting the ticks in the right box for the next CR. FFS

    Lets move back a few years, there is no "Esprit De Corps" within this cap badge, at first line you work for each other and because you have a sense of belonging towards the cap badge you are attached to.

    In a Battalion you are general dogs body and lacky for everyone.... All you look forward to is knocking off and getting away from the imbeciles you work with. Not that you can call it work, ABRO repair most things so that we can be the lackies for others.

    Must stop ranting....bring back the section FRIDGE!!!!! and don't forget the DARTBOARD and CARDS
  3. Nice one Remeboy, great minds think alike, lets get the "bring back the FULL Fridge" campaign on the go!!
  4. Don't know if its rose tinted specs but back 20 years ago in the old BAOR days we had crap telly and no playstations, what we did was go out on-mass boozing at least five nights a week.
    work hours were 24 hr ( notional shifts) normally knocking off at 6 anyway and every second weekend was a long one.
    There was always a leaving do in the screws mess for all ranks with enough money behind the bar to last till 9 then it was a quick change and pile into a minibus into town for an all nighter.
    exercises were pretty knackering but the thomas bins were always full of yellow handbags and applekorn.
    The only time I can remember partying harder was when we were on snow queen.
  5. Yeah ok we don't do activation anymore- god what a balls ache that was, but hey how many lads do you see going away on adventure training or looking to organise stuff.

    It used to be that the word proacvtive didn't exist.... it didn't need to, people just did stuff, now you have to encourage them to leave the playstation alone to do something, even work
  6. Good post DADDYGUNS,
    Im afraid it is down to what i call "The Playstation Generation" it's not really there fault they have grown up weak and can't rely on there brain matter to have the get up and drive to organise a full on weekender. I too am from the heady days of the BAOR and can vaguely remember my time in Germany, mmmmm Applekorn,Herforder Pilsner,Kronen Export, Warsteiner, God im drooling....The dross we get in now is indictive of this now lazy generation, all they do is go home to mummy at the weekend and fester in house to play there precious Grand Theft Auto or some other B0ll0cks game....God how mind numbing an existance is that...Man i miss Germany.... :cry:

    That puts it in a nut shell, my little brother has recently joined 21 RE in Osnabruck, he spends his Friday and Saturday nights playing on his games machine.

    What happened to the days of going down town, maybe not to get yit faced but perhaps to pull and get laid, Machines are replacing hormones, LETS BRING BACK THE FRIDGE.... PERHAPS I NEED TO COPY A LINK TO THE DEFENCE SECRETARY HIMSELF and ask his view
  8. Although I do agree in part with the "Playstation Generation" comments I feel compeled to mention the "Modern Army" too.

    No tipping up to work now smelling of beer(even if fit for duty).

    Charges flying around for the occasional scrap on a saturday night.

    And as far as the section working for each other.... well when the boys have been shafted for the 3rd time that week then why bother.

    I am all up for work hard play hard but when it is work hard and then harder and by the way youve been passed over for promotion again because you are to busy grafting to play sports then fook it.

    Too many seniors turning into yes men. Sick of being told "Sorry lads but what can I do !" GROW A SPINE might help.

    At the end of the day I just want to go home to the wife and kids and forget the crap I just endured for someone elses benefit.

    But hey that battalion life and counting the days till I am posted.
  9. hey 5 Bn REME is that bad they have renamed the place to 19CSS Lt Bn REME, apparently the mouthful of a ttle makes you forget the shite the lads suffer within it. Thank St Eligius I'm not there
  10. I remember exercises dragging on and the only way you could tell if it was the beginning of the month or the end - Myers Rum or Baileys. Those were the days of the vehicle commander hitting you on the back of the head with a beer whilst you were in the drivers seat. Reccy Mechs charging you a yellow handbag for poor driving etc etc. Good memories!!!!
  12. This is for you Remeboy...Enjoy... :lol:

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  13. In fairness when I moved back to a UK unit things were pretty bad even then.
    Anyone from south of Carlisle went home to mum for the weekend, I just went on every Det going till I PVR'd through excesive boredom and having to do three stags a week
  14. What a shame nawlinsbiy, you could have transfered into a huge number of interesting trades. I can't think of one right now though!
  15. No regrets from me, I did seven years mostly Brats,BAOR and Dets.
    I then moved onto a civi job with most of the travel and job satisfaction of my Army days but without the ball aches