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Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by space_cadet, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Just thought i would have to post this as i have just witnessed two of my work mates beating the shoite out of each other.
    Picture the scene i am sat there minding my own buisness looking at some porn on the net, when one of said people marches into the room and spits his dummy about other said person stealing one of his customers.Play ground poseing ensues when the first person throws a punch out of no where right on chin of second person, who for some reason takes offence to it. So off they go ten to the dozen.Just then my boss walks in and ask "are you not going to split this up".To which i reply" nah they are a couple of old men and will soon be out of breath".Boss looks at me as if to say you cnut.
    Firstly was i out of order not spitting them up?.
    Secondly anyone have any links to dwarf porn?.
    And finally has any one else witnessed such frivolity in there workplace?.
  2. Good drills Space. And you got your priorities right too. Can't help ref dwarves, but Kylie has her own website somewhere.

    Edited - unable to spell Sapce first time round.
  3. Poor drills. Should have set up a webcam as soon as the first punch was thrown. Pay Per View, market it like UFC. Phone for a betting market.

    Can't help with dwarf porn.
  4. 1) No. None of your business (unless they knock your coffee in which case it is good and propper to get involved). A show at the office? Excellent.
    2) Nope. Open plan office...
    3) Frivolity yes but I work with a bunch of mincers and they worry too much about messing thier hair, breaking a nail or some such to get involved in trading punches. I do however live in hope of seeing them giving each other a full on bitchslipping as opposed to the standard catfights about who had the shirt first. *Sigh*
  5. Do a google search for Bridget the Midget. You'll find what your looking for. Happy viewing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    1. Nope, but you should have been making book on the outcome & final damage to both geriatrics.

    2. PM Shortfuse - he's got form for this.
    Alternatively you could contact his last place of work as they've not been able to rid their system of all the 'Munchkin Mott' screensavers.

    3. I've only seen it go from handbags at dawn to adversarial destruction of each others monkeys & parrots when their opponent wasn't present. Both gutless & childish - in an unamusing and non-Arrse way.
    I was hoping that they'd get physical and start laying haymakers on each other, but the strain proved too much for one of them who eventually had a stroke & couldn't work again, thereby proving that the other old cnut was officially the bigger thrush.
  7. Had to sack someone over the phone once as two colleuges wanted to beat the living shit out of the lazy shirtlifter .And i couldnt see
    any reason to stop them :?