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  1. Good Evening Gentlemen!

    I am afraid that I have resorted to using my alias for this post for fear of jeopardising the reputation (if there is any) of my other ID (Walt accusations, stupid stupid boy, do some work yourself, e.t.c). I am also aware that I am posting this on an ARMY recruitment forum, but I know the posters here, and I trust the service and advice from what must be years of reading (not much posting).

    Work experience is on the way for me, (I’m studying A levels at the moment) and i am at a loss as to what to attempt to do. I am going to attempt going for the Police force, but this is unlikely due to crappy health and safety stuff, fire service is the same. I am extremely reluctant to go for the usual monotonous shelf stacking of desk job. Anything with Blue flashing lights would be excellent but as this seems unlikely any other ideas?
    If the military do work experience that would unfortunately not be an option. (-parent issues with joining up)

    Any help gratefully received as per usual.

  2. If its blue flashing lights you like, become a car thief.
  3. We have blue lights in the Army as well, try military police or, if you are a bit more adventurous and want better chat up lines, go for RLC EOD (bomb disposal) or you could even be an ambulance driver.

    All have blue lights and you get a free uniform
  4. Cool! do i get a baton aswell!? oop, almostht droped my tussue!

    Daytona955- can you get Work experience at Alevel for those then?
  5. Yes you can get work experience although both the police and EOD are pretty boring to experience as you cannot really get involved. If you are near/in a garrison pop in direct to the local Education Centre for details of where to register or enquire at your local recruiting office.

    We get spotty kids each year wandering round the unit for a week looking bored.

    Try buying a baton on EBay

  6. Then they usually pop back to the Officers Mess. :wink:
  7. Thankyou. any ideas regarding civillian stuff? as there is not alot of 'military stuff' in my area, within 2 hours at least.

  8. Not to pish on your bonfire too much mate but as you've already stated any mil work experience is out due to your parents being tree hugging hippies and you being in a mil free zone, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask. Best you ask either your carer/teacher or older boys from your school what they did.

    Do what I did. Work in a garage for a week drinking Special Brew, smerkin tabs and doing do-nuts in the customers cars.
  9. When I was doing A-levels I managed to do work experience with the Met in south London, REME at Larkhill, and a lorry manufacturing plant in Germany (I was studying German so that helped).
  10. How did you get the work with the met? were you just lucky? i plan to apply early to be in with the best chanse of getting a placement.
  11. Paramedic
  12. Paramedic - Problem. they never ever take work experience placements, health and safety shmit and 'mental anguish' stuff. also i think they worry that students might 'get in the way' and there would also be some confidentiality and modesty issues with patients.
  13. Tell u what mate, give up or maybe try the civil service
  14. IIRC most people in the year went on a placement at the same time, there were usually a couple of places with different companies/organisations, or we could try and organise something ourselves. You chose your top 3 and were told where you'd go. Guess I was lucky.
  15. thanks, lucky sod. :)

    cheers guys.