work experience

cdt_parker said:
hi guys, can anyone here tell me what you would be doing with work experiene with the army
any replies appreciated

thanks, parker
Yep, you,ll do all the really,really good stuff, maybe get to brass up several thousand rounds from a jimpy, absiel from a helicopter, have a laugh & a joke with the jolly PTIs on the assualt course, there will be a blinding smoker in the Naafi & you,ll feast on prime Aberdeen Angus fillets steaks every night. Just don,t sign anything at the end of it. Especially if the form is held by a grinning bloke in a tw@t cap with a HUGE set of gold stripes on his arm. 8O .

Regards LT.
You will enjoy it Cdt Parker. The RSM will come round and wake you up gently. Feel free to bimble over to the Junior Ranks mess for a spot of breakfast. Then you will get a flight in a Gazelle or Lynx. In the afternoon they will take you out for a playabout with a wee 105. If your really lucky at night they will take into our mess where you will be made most welcome. Just before midnight we will take you back to transit accomodation in a landrover and bring you a a hot chocolate. Get plenty of sleep as you will have a busy day tommorow. The SNCO's will set you some tasks and if you pass them then they will organise for you to lead a Night Exercise. It's enormous fun and we all play at good guys v bad guys. We can also organise lady soldiers if you want a little bit of slap and tickle. Girlie soldiers adore cadets and their fire rate before a reload.

Best of luck son


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