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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by SierraBravo, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. Not sure if is the right place to post this.

    I'm 16 and a CCF Army cadet (Corporal) in a London school contingent. I'm looking for work experience with the Army, ideally something reasonably local. RRF is our affilated regiment, and I was thinking that perhaps they (at Tower of London RHQ) would be the best to write to. I was also thinking Chelsea Barracks (not too far from here) might be the right place to write to. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions/insights into going about getting 1-2 weeks work experience?

    Thanks all, and Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays for any PC folk.. :wink: )
  2. go through your chain of command

    or failing that, go see your local army careers advisor

    or failing that, join the ACF for some proper training and opportunities :p
  3. That's not a problem, will have to wait until the start of term in January.

    And I'm already in contact with the local ACO and advisor. No problem there either then.

    :lol: And I'm fine in the CCF thanks
  4. tell your careers officer who you want to see, he should sort you out with a 'potential officer' or fam visit, i think you're allowed three seperate visits to stop you ripping the arrse out of it.
  5. Only three? I grabbed as many as I could off my ACA(O) to get out of school for a few days.
    Oh, and decide what I wanted to join. Yes, that too... :wink:
  6. Sounds good, how would that work?

    Basically we're allocated a week off school for work experience in June, but we can do it at any time during the year. I'll take whats available but something spanning other a few days would be good.
  7. If you just explain what you're explaining to us to your careers officer he should sort it. He deals with hundreds of school kids in a year all wanting an insight into the army.
  8. Will do, Cheers smudge. If possible could you briefly say what you did during yours? just so I have a very basic idea
  9. Depends where you go and who with.
    Basic visit usually last for 2/3 days, and involves looking at kit, hearing about the Army life, and something physical. Different Corps/Regiments will put on different things, but it is something they plan, and you'll be there with around 20 other people.
  10. OK Macks I'll talk to our careers officer next week when the new term starts.

    If anyone has been on one of these Potential Officer day(s) and has got the time to post a brief account of what they did then that would be much appreciated.
  11. i went to see the engineers - got to rip about in speed boats, play with plastic explosive and make a bomb, go round a museum which was entertaining, and play with diggers and pickups

    also went to the signals, not many memories from that trip other than a squaddie taking me for a joyride in a sooped up astra, perved on the female officer in charge - she was very hot, and taught how to hack communications with the right equipment. oh and got very drunk playing the rafters run! basically where you have to climb over and under numerous roof rafters after downing a pint.

    in the end of it all, im not going to either regiment. HA!

    but ultimately all this fun stuff is never what officers get to do, its all squaddie ballox there to entertain us PO's.
  12. I am also a cadet and looking for work experience. Did you have any luck?
  13. Fam vists are simply just that - a briefing and visit.

    You probably want to speak to the ACA about something called an "Insight Course". These run for about a week and are more in-depth than a fam visit. They are mostly aimed at soldier entry and you may need to speak to the ACA(2) for that, but they will consider candidates interested in officer entry if spaces are available.

    The other thing to consider is timing. The courses are usually arm specific and there may not be one that co-incides with your work experience week.