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I am a cadet and looking for work experience within the Army for next year. I have gone through my chain of command, but they failed to get any information back to me. Some where local would be ideal, for example Marne barracks, Catterick Garrison. I wondered if anyone could help me out? :)
Your local AFCO will have contacts galore. I know they set my brother up with a placement at our local barracks trying out 2 weeks of 5 different trades - and he got loads out of it!!!
I went to the SGT MJR but he said he couldnt do anything. I tried contacting them through school but they're hopeless. So i'm here. There is a 5 day live life thing with the Army, its just a matter of getting placements, i have searched all over the internet and found nothing. A friend of mine did it last year, but she is at a different school miles away.
SierraOscar said:
Catterick barracks.
No such thing...

Catteric is a town. ITC Catterick is a training centre. There are many barracks all over the garrison(none named Catterick).

Waithwith Banks
Gaza Barracks
Megiddo Lines
Cambrai Barracks
Bourlon Barracks
Vimy Barracks(My accomodation once 8) )
Helles Barracks
Harden Barracks
Somme Barracks
Helles Barracks
Alma Barracks
Duchess of Kent's Barracks
Piave Lines
Wathgill Camp
Munster Barracks
Marne Barracks

These units are based in the town I doubt with operations on that they have time or provisions for a work experience though :roll:

- 4 Mechanized Brigade Headquarters and Signal Squadron (204 Signal Squadron)
... 1st Battalion, Scots Guards (Armoured Infantry)
... 1st Battalion, The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) (Light Role)
... 21 Engineer Regiment Royal Engineers
... 1st Battalion, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
...... 150 Provost Company
...... CS Medical Squadron

... The Queen's Royal Lancers
... 40th Regiment Royal Artillery
... 19 Combat Service Support Battalion
......150 Provost Company
......24 CS Medical Squadron

- 1st Artillery Brigade UK
... 5th Regiment Royal Artillery

... 1st Battalion, The Duke Of Lancasters Regiment (Armoured Infantry)

- ITC Catterick
... 1st Infantry Training Battalion
... 2nd Infantry Training Battalion
... 3rd support Battalion
#11 said:
Vimy Barracks(My accomodation once 8) )
It's been most people's accomodation at one point or another!
i know this is like years ago but what is there contact number because i am in the same situation as the kid who wrote this and my nearest barracks is catterick
Give it up please

Work experience doesn't involve jumping out of planes and slitting frowts

Just join up something sexy

14 nearly 15 im only wanting work experience but afc harrogate is a collage and i dont know if they would help me out i missed the chance to do it through school
Give it up please

Work experience doesn't involve jumping out of planes and slitting frowts

Just join up something sexy

But what if he is heterosexual?
The other thing to ask about if a reserve unit could help. The issues are insurance and security vetting. The AFC is the closest thing to Army work exp in the regular Army I know of.

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