Work experience?

At the risk of sounding like a total idiot, I was just wondering what are the chances of me getting work experience with my local TA unit?

You see, I am planning to study medicine (failing that become a combat medic) and I thought since my local TA unit is a medical squadron it would be a great opportunity for me to gain an insight into the role of medics in the army.

If you want to know about medics in the army, your best bet is to pop along to your local armed forces careers office and ask them. They'll probably organise a familiarisation visit with a field squadron, or something along those lines.
you could probably do work experience with a Regualr unit!
Problem with that is that I'm currently in the process of applying for the Royal Marines Reserves (sorry, should have mentioned that), and it'll only be until I can get onto the next PRMC/ assessment and selection weekend - so I don't want to sign anything then bugger off in a few months time since it'll seem like I'm wasting everyone's time.

I was hoping that I could get an answer here first, since last time I was on the phone with my local TA unit the woman wasn't too friendly when I asked her about the joining age for TA...
So with no medical, no paperwork, no experience and no security clearance, just how do you think you are going to work with the TA?

That said, phone them up and ask.


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