Work Christmas Parties

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flashman07, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. I've been trawling through the forums and it doesn't look like there has been a topic on this but apologies if there is.

    Soo today is my first day back in work since the Christmas party (very little of which i remember). My whole day so far has consisted of being humiliated by the events of the evening including being unable to coherently speak, telling one of my work colleagues I wanted to shag her, dancing like a complete tit, telling my current manager that my previous manager is fitter than she is, spilling drinks over people, vomiting and just generally making an arse out of myself.

    Anyone else have similar or worse drunken Christmas experiences? Anything that helps to salvage whats left of my self respect would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I cannot offer you any help Flashman.
    I was invited to a party for a company I hade recently left. The niht went well until about 2am when one of the lads decided that no-one could go to his room to collect coats etc (it was used as a cloakroom as the hotel had no such facility), arguing ensued as someone became outraged! The next thing was an assault on the hotel manager, the police being called to arrest the tw@t and his brother started punching the walls and smashing pictures! He has a broken hand and was arrested also.
    Naturally I had nothing to do with it.
  3. With mates, I am all of the above.

    At work, I am a professional, and try to remain that way even after a drink or 10, even at a christmas bash.
  4. Flash, nothing to worry about, that's about par for the course, your's sounds a hoot compared to mine, I left at 20.00 due to the boredom factor and being rationed to one bottle of beer at a time even though I had a pint glass in me mitt.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I've luckily avoided them all this year, I dont mind a drink on the last day with your immediate colleagues but to spend a whole eevening in a reataurant filled with people you on the whole avoid when sober being served food you dont really want isnt my idea of fun. To be honest I prefer to be pissed alone or at home where no one can sack me for being malky the alky!
  6. I wish I had avoided mine!
  7. My work night out was interesting shall we say...

    It started at around 14:00 with a nice meal in a fancy restaurant with all of the senior management from the company I work with. By 2am I was hardly able to walk, talk or even look in a straight line! I had made a schoolboy error of mixing my drinks, I worked out I, lager, dark rum, champagne, southern comfort, vodka, Jägermeister, beer.

    Found out the next day I also stole the top managers pint (twice), passed out on the shoulders of the girl I've had a crush on for weeks and started a fight with a lamp post....yes a lamp post!!

    Was a great night though!!
  8. They are banned from in my jolly place of work. Along with decorations, cards in the office, Even e-cards on the network are banned, but some senior managers have been sending them anyway. In the new year they will likely be carted off for 're-education' and we will all be told to never speak of them again.

    There is no Christmas in UKBA. It's like working for the Khmer Rouge.
  9. I avoid them like the plague ... can always say the significant other's party is same night, yada yada yada.

    I never attend any "extracurricular" office event because I see those people 40 hours a week that's enough.

    The younger ones, though, seem to enjoy each others company ad nauseam.

  10. Try waking up to find yourself being glared at by the other half because you had stuck the head on one of the trainees at her work after he been caught red handed going through her handbag ! Im not entirely convinced Ill be welcome at this years black tie do ! Feckin thieving gypo ! Ah well, theres always Sky TV, a bottle of bush and a family size bag of monster munch !
  11. I once shagged a fat ginge from the accounts dept on a Christmas night out. I enlisted immediately afterwards in the hope no one would find out.
  12. Nah, work Christmas dos are grim, grim, grim. The kind of people I work for are mostly too stingy to lay one on anyway, but I used to get dragged to the ex's Slovak Railways black tie. Cringeworthy without fail but eventually quite funny. Starts with everyone behaving like they've got a lemon up their bum, but by about 1.00am the inhibition barriers are down, the serious booze is in full flow and the zany folk dancing and other antics break out. Never seen it through to the end as the kitchen dragon always dragged me away before time was called. She can read the signs.
  13. The posh do was boring, me and some others had clearly been put on the naughty table. The christmas quiz was even worse, I drank more to get through it. By 0130 my husband had been called to collect me and put me to bed. I didn't even know I had eaten a chicken kebab with garlic sauce. That was until I was sick in the sink at work the next day, and had to force it down the plug hole with my finger. According to those that remember I (amongst other things) drank 4 bottles of red, one of which I stole off the CO.
  14. I met a lady at a work party recently, who claimed the year before at said event at her boss' house, that she had vomited on his children.

    Must have been very good at her job.
  15. Brilliant I'll remember that for next year.