Work begins on Royal Navy ammunitioning jetty

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 23, 2011.

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  2. '… Gerrit Smit, project manager at VolkerStevin Marine, which is building the facility, said:

    Nice to see MOD keeping the cloggies gainfully employed.
  3. Seems pretty pointless... we soon wont have any ships to ammunition.
  4. Tsk! Tsk! Think lateral dear boy!

    It can also de-ammunition ships.
  5. Not only that, the MARS tankers are to be built in Korea...
  6. Quite right too - you can go from quote to built in under 6 months, they churn 2 out every 3 weeks, and they all work. The rest of the shipping industry can't get enough of them, so remind me why we have to get BAe to build them for us?
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  7. Look, what would we do with a ship that was delivered on time and within budget? They don't start thinking of crewing a ship until it's at least 5 years late - if it was on time, they'd have to make a decision, and they're not very good at that.
  8. Don't let Michael Heseltine hear you saying that.
  9. Ahh! Is this what they mean by an "iPod Dock"?
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  10. Apart from a possible NGFS aspect WTF is this doing on an army forum?
  11. What do you think about having a 'Royal Navy' forum for articles like this?
  12. Wtf is an 'ammunitioning jetty'? Is that a bog standard loading jetty by any chance? :roll:
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  13. Not really. The safe and secure embarkation and disembarkation of missiles, bombs, torpedoes, shells and HE by the ton involves certain significant issues and features beyond those relevant to "a bog standard loading jetty".
  14. Well, now that everyone knows about it, I expect it will be targeted early on in our next war - sorry conflict - with Europe and they will take it out, leaving our mine sweepers without any .303 ammunition. Nicht Wahr?
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Silly sausage eater.....minesweepers use 30mm or 7.62 as any fule kno...just saw one go past my window, no sign of anyone with an SMLE.......and the Type 45s I see purring in and out of Pompey several days a week throw 105mm HE 18 miles at a rate of twenty a minute....

    ( this, by the way, does not constitute a bite....roll on Saturday :) )