Words that will haunt Bliar

I found this quote from Bliar's Congressional Gold Medal acceptance speech, which he made at roughly the same time a weapons scientist was contemplating suicide.

Actually, you know, my middle son was studying 18th century history and the American War of Independence, and he said to me the other day, 'You know Lord North Dad? He was the British prime minister who lost us America. So just think, however many mistakes you'll make, you'll never make one that bad.'
Incidentally, the middle son's grasp of history appears as simplistic as his father's. Lord North may have handled colonial matters poorly but the revolution had deeper roots than the Stamp Act (which North was not responsible for in any case) and North belatedly repealed the tea tax that he had introduced. North's punitive measures (the Coercive Acts) against the state of Massachusetts following the Tea Party did not attract much opposition even from pro-colonists and the crucial misjudgement made by North was that the remaining colonies would not support Massachusetts and, by the time of the peace conference called by North, the momentum towards rebellion was too great.

Lord North's more mundane achievements include avoiding a war with the Spanish over the Falklands (some things never change) and made considerable progress towards clearing the national debt that accrued after the Seven Years War.
Please, I hope you aren't inferring THE FUHRER is in any way fallible or incorrect?

He'll have the history police on to it in no time.
Remember history is written by the VICTOR,not those of us who know the truth.
Why would those word haunt the gallant leader for life?

He was quoting something his (ill) educated son said. They are not his own words.

If you want something to get at him with how about one of these:

""The threat from Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capability - that threat is real."
"…instead of wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on compulsory ID cards as the Tory Right demand, let that money provide thousands of extra police officers on the beat in our local communities."

There are probably hundreds more :)
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