Words That Only Occur in the Media

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. On the Gary Glitter thread Steven posted this:

    He has a good point. Other words that spring to mind as being only used in the 'meeja' are

    Romp - as in '3 in a bed romp'

    Hail - as in 'David Cameron hails London 2012 as 'best ever' Olympics'

    Vow - outside of singing the best hymn in the World?
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  2. Mogul - when referring to someone who's chief claim to fame seems to be running a business that feeds us shite.

    Tycoon - see above.
  3. "Elite troops" usually referring to some blanket counter.
  4. Intelligent, Brave, Insightful & Bold, when used in connection with MPs.
    When in fact they mean, Spivs, Thieves, Liers, self-opinionated & bovine numpties.

    For example Jocko Almonds erstwhile leader of the SNP telling the Jocks they wont have to rejoin the EU and they won't have to adopt the Euro, if they vote for independence, when in fact he hadn't a clue and they will on both counts.
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  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    And my favourite "Fury!!!" when they actually mean mild irritation or "couldn't really give a shit"
  6. "EXCLUSIVE!!!" aka exactly the same as everywhere else, except we have an interview with the father's sister's cousin's mate of the eyewitness.
  7. Thirsty travellers (buying expensive beer on trains), when they really mean piss heads.
  8. "Travellers" used instead of "thieving sciving gippo scumbags."

    "Liverpudlian" used instead of "thieving sciving gippo scumbags."

    "Inhabitants" used to indicate ASBO collecting thieving sciving gippo scumbags who are council tennants, whereas "residents" indicates the posh people who eat with a knife and fork.

    "Paedophile" used because it's much shorter than nonce.

    "Presbytarian" used to indicate grim and miserable fucking grey skinned intolerant bastards.

    "Right Honourable" used to indicate thieving sciving gippo scumbags who have their noses well into the national trough!
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  9. "Brave" - when referring to any 'sleb who's had a minor injury or health scare

    Our Boys - The Sun loves this one & drops it in at every opportunity when talking about the military.

    £500,000 home - a Daily Mail one, they are obsessed with putting the value of whoever they are talking abouts home, as if it somehow matters.
  10. SOAP STAR = Jobbing actress.
    BOY / GIRL BAND = Mime artistes.
    PARTY GIRL = Slapper.
    INFORMED SOURCE = Some bloke down the pub.
    MILITARY SOURCE = Some bloke down the pub in a twenty year old combat jacket.
    COMMUNITY LEADER = Self appointed busybody.
    PUBLIC OPINION = People who agree with our way of thinking.
    RACIST LOWLIFE = People who do not agree with our way of thinking.
    EARTH MOTHER = Fat unwashed hippy munter.
    BUBBLY = Fat munter.
    SEX WORKER = Prostitute.
    SEX SLAVE = Foreign prostitute.
    ACTIVIST = Trouble maker.
    STUDYGROUP = Bunch of self interest troublemakers on the government payrole.
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  11. "Coming to terms with" - something's happened, people are laying bunches of flowers, cards and cuddly toys like there's no tomorrow.
  12. Do not forget the ubiquitous 'Slammed' as in:

    'Energy companies were today slammed by watchdogs for their latest round of price fixing.'

    I wonder if they criticised the door on their way out
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  13. Noun strings of all sorts:



  14. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Most of these media-only words seem to be the ones they put in bold as well. Is that to give them more credibility, or show off their weird vocabulary?

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  15. Sir- A teacher (as in Randy Sir in Sex Case Scandal).