Words that drive you mad

We had the letter yesterday. The information you submit should be accurate as on 21st March. If you know who will be in your house on that date already, you can crack on and submit now.
I‘ll probably do mine tomorrow.

Much easier to do this year than ever before. On 21st March, I'll be at home, under lockdown. And nobody will be allowed to come and stay.
I have to say that hearing an Irishman pronouncing 'film' as 'fillum' sounds right to my ears.
I agree, and I'm on the wrong side of the Irish sea as far as you're concerned.
Yeah, it's so annoying when they start verbing a noun.
ETA SWIDT, for anyone unsure if I was being ironic.
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The addition of 'Gate' to almost any situation especially where the press is involved. I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be a 'Salmondgate' yet.
Especially as most of the users weren’t even born in 1974 and have no clue what it’s about...
Reminds me of the D&T teacher showing his class a 3.5” floppy disc:
”Cool, Sir! You’ve 3D printed the ‘save’ icon...”
That, Sir is a shooting offence unless meant ironically. Please add a disclaimer in future.
I will go to the future and add a disclaimer when I get there.
The adoption of US military jargon/expressions grips my tits severely. I'm following the 'Army to be cut' thread in Current Affairs and I am constantly irritated by the way that the word 'fires', as in 'joint fires', is used. Why not say 'joint fire'? I understand the context, I know what it means, but it is very poor use of English.

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