Words that drive you mad

Overarching. A much loved term in NHS management meetings.
More a phrase "I've told you already " instead of "I've already told you"
They are lorries. I'm right, and you're all wrong. No more need be said.

By the way, you can also have black lorries, because we believe in multicultural-thing and diversity.
But you can’t have green and black lorries. They’re trucks. If you want to call them lorries, push 20 press ups.

Next you’ll be calling that rifle a gun. Or going diving with a tank on your back.


Any uses of txtspk in writing including verbalising lol!

The twats that insist on turning the letter L into a W footbaw, kiww and the likes they're not even consistent as they don't do it to all L sounds.
Fing instead of thing, in fact any dipshit that pronounces th as F should be provided with testicular re-education with a 4lb lump hammer.
Most of the other words mentioned in this thread by the ARRSERati.

Gammon -- Overused and no impact
Racist -- Overused and no impact
Bigot -- Overused and no impact
somethingorotherPhobic -- Take your pick, it's constantly trotted out. Not even accurate as most should be Pathic as in hatred not fear of.
No platforming -- Just no.
I'll plough through these 19 pages later, but for now 'irregardless' makes me twitch and anything that can fairly be categorised as beaurocratic bollock-speak.
Back on thread - "Hate Crime". It's a crime. It's not done for benevolence.

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