Words of encouragement

Some years ago I received a letter from my commanding officer, informing me of my promotion to Major. The exact words were something along the lines of "I can only conclude that the board had enjoyed a particularly good lunch or that the president has a particularly off-the-wall sense of humour. Congratulations." Good old Jeremy!

This contrasted nicely with the off the cuff way in which I had been raised up to the dizzy heights of Captain - a rank implying all of the responsibility of a L/cpl but none of the gravitas of that rank . My TA BC stopped me in the corridor and said "Next week, why don't you come as a captain for a change?"

I was reminded of these by another thread where an officer remarked that his commission had been confirmed by the words "Look here, it seems the Army has made a terrible mistake..."

Does anyone else have such gems to share, regarding their "acession to the purple"? My last promotion was quite prosaic by conrast!

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