Words of Consequence

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StevenPreece, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Words of consequence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A sniffer device on the network practically provides a door number. LOL

    To those who view this site who are in comat. GOOD LUCK MEN. Keep your chin up and your head down.


    To the rest:

    Enjoy a bottle of Fetzer. Lovely stuff.

  2. I see the advertising signature is back.

    Steve mate, there's an old Chinese proverb....the more one craves acceptance, the less one gets it.

    By the way, your (first) book has been kicking around my office for the past few days. It's on the floor at the moment, (don't be offended, most things in my office are on the floor at the moment), but tell me, as I have already paid for it and the 10% of the money is probably halfway to you anyway by now, should I read it?

    I'm in two minds.

    Well, four actually.
  3. So, your life appears to be:
    Join Booties - can't handle beer - leaves
    Joins civvie street - can't handle beer - leaves
    Watches Karate Kid - becomes Ninja - relaxes a bit
    Joins ARRSE - can't handle it - makes Ninja style threats

    A few things -

    Women are now in combat as well as men - try and keep up.

    Your sentence in bold, isn't it usually proceeded by "You want the truth,
    YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" - I thought you would be aware of plagerism in your type of work.

    On a more serious note - fcuk off and see the Community Mental Health Team - you clearly still have issues. Start off with "I'm a Ninja and everybody is out to get me" - even the hard pressed NHS will bump you up the list.

    No need for any more PM's old chap, keep it in the open - it's better for you.
  4. Stevie, you sanctimonious piece of shitt.Sounds like the only person you are trying to convince is yourself.
  5. whats going on?
    is there some big secret about this guy that i dont know about????

    on another note, what the fuck are you on about???
  6. No offence mate but your book is a cack read. You should really consider going to see Hatsumi... See if he will knock some sense into you!!!
  7. Say Guvnor, can I get my avatar back? Thanks for being a good sprot- oops I mean sport.
  8. fcuk off this is my avatar, you give me my avatar back
  9. Fella's fella's... Chill out.

    Sign out Bayonets from the army and settle it in the XL car park at Noon!
  10. Better dig in for a long fight matey.I eat arrseholes like you for breakfast (pun fully intended).Now, one more time, can I get my avatar back? I know where your mother lives, I know what she is wearing underneath her blue skirt and most importantly I know her favourite sexual position.How?you might wonder.Because she is leaning on my shoulder sound asleep even as I tell you this.

    Nothing would give me as much pleasure as slitting her throat while she basks in the afterglow of a Devil Dog induced orgasm.

    So I'm going to ask you real nicely: can I get my avatar back or do I have to stick it in her arrse?I'm dangerously low on vaseline. :evil:
  11. Someone changed thier tune quickly, only a few hours previously he claimed he was enjoying the banter and the site was a good crack.

    Tell us about the times you found yourself in combat steve, you big timing sanctimonious pillock.

    Well done on the book, shame you found it difficult to adjust to civvy street, must have been hard from the wall to wall, consistent combat you were involved in from 83-90.

    Spare us the sycophantic thread topics like 'Wish I said goodbye' and 'I've got my head stuck in a jam jar' and leave the ignature block as it stands, you are probably of the belief that publicity even negative is a good thing.

    I'm off back to my bed, to touch myself at the thought of men prepared to do violence on my behalf

  12. I read one of your books mate and I'll not be reading the other. As far as it goes, and I've read many military books, I don't rate you as an author.

    You're not completely talentless, but you do have a relentlessly boring style of writing which I actually found quite irritating. Now I'm someone who likes to read 'squaddie stories' as I take a bit of pleasure out of personally being able to relate to some of their experiences and to recognise others, as most of us on this site can, but you 'over egg the pudding' in your attempt to 'big it up'. Not that I am a big fan of his, but you are certainly no 'Andy McNab' and your brainwave of jumping on the former SAS writers bandwagon hasn't actually worked for you. You are just not sharing the same success as Messrs McNab and Co.

    You're not premier league material and I don't think we'll be seeing any quality reviews of your work. Instead of gobbing off on a website and doing bugger all for your sales, try reading 'The Green Eyed Boys', that'll give you an idea of how to write in a style which captivates the readers' imagination.
  13. daz

    daz LE

    Mainly those trying to flog their tat, now feck off mong
  14. Sorry lads. I drank a couple of bottles of Fetzer Wine last night. It blew my socks off. Consequently I was looking for a bite and not surprisingly did not get disappointed.

    This is a good site. The crack is good and people are down to earth.

    Cheers Guys


    ps. Have a good weekend.
  15. Just so you know Stevie old boy, apologising on Arrse never helps your cause.It just hardens your critics so feck off and go drink some more wine you stupid kunt.