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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. In keeping with a fair play spirit (!) of our Corps, I offer some words of advice from my experience thusfar (14yrs)

    1. Do not bring a drag queen to a mess function

    2. I am not authorised to initiate Jihad

    3. Trousers are not optional

    4. I cannot defect to Genforce

    5. On UNICOM, my race is not 'Other'

    6. The proper response to a set of orders is not 'Thats what you think'

    7. Do not start the Intsum with 'Now you're not gonna believe this but...'

    Do any others have some advice? (I'm sure CRMCR will have something to say - he always does)
  2. Thanks very much, Skippy. The other two hundred and odd things you're not allowed to do in the US Army are still on the web site, where they've been for several years, now: http://www.skippyslist.com/ .
  3. ooooh, somebody's tired! :)
  4. Don't rise to it. You are above this :)
  5. No you're not, bite!!!!!!
  6. mmmmffffpppphhhh.......
  7. I said bite, not choke. What is that is your mouth by the way?

    As for words of advice - Don't eat yellow snow, although this could have also gone in the trade training one liners thread!
  8. This is outrageous.

    Not only is some plagiarizing tosspot is trying to pass off someone else's work as their own, noone (other than Glad) seems
    to have a problem with it. It's almost as if Plagiarism is perfectly acceptable within the Int Corps!

    Whip them then throw them in the river to be shat on by the ducks.
  9. Plagiarism? Terrible, not like cutting and pasting - thankfully. Or to give it its posh name - collation!
  10. oh come on, it's quite impressive. this is what roseandpose has decided to share, giving us "words of advice from his 14 years of experience" - find one of the most well known urban legend websites, nick a handful of ideas, and pass them off as his own. clearly not realising that other people have computers and that internet thingy too.

    PC was a christmas present was it roseandpose? ;)
  11. nosh???

  12. IT IS!!

    As already mentioned it is commonly refered to as "Collation" or "research". Republishing it is called Dissemination, usually in the form of an IntRep (Assessment, MISR, whatever you want to call it)
  13. To copy one person's work is plagiarism, to copy many people's work is a thesis
  14. Or, all source analysis!!!!
  15. that's blown it...