Words from the front line: the bloody truth of Helmand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tearsbeforebedtime, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. Words from the front line: the bloody truth of Helmand – by a combat soldier


    No doubt having seen what an Officer had written, this chap decided to do the same. The difference being that the letter to the Indy did not give away information useful to the enemy.

    While you obviously feel for seeing your mates getting smashed (who doesn't) you really should have engaged brain before putting this out.

    Did you spare a thought for the guys still stuck out here who will be doing the drills and driving the vehicles you describe?

    Think you're a big man? I think you're a cnut.

    Thanks for nothing
  2. My my This guy has taken out 30 telaban and dropped a sniper at 500 yds.
    Mind you still had time for A cup of English tea, a Top Draw English Cup of tea.
    My arrse.
  3. I've been out so long that I have absolutely no concept as to how true this is. There is sufficient detail to ID this bloke and his diary would have carried more weight if I could trust the Grauniad to have made all the checks and confirm the outcome.
    That said, if this is true and timely, it should be repeated in every form of media there is. Down to Notice Boards in village halls. It should be a hand out at WB events. It is not just the fatalities; the injury toll from IED-type attacks must be high. And then there is the PTSD that will trickle out over the next 8 to 10 years.
    I understand the attitude that withdrawal would be a dishonour to the fallen and make their sacrifice worthless. I cannot see this; a hero or good man killed today will still be a hero or good man tomorrow regardless. With all respect, I have to use a financial adage - we are throwing good money after bad.
    We are trying to sell democracy to a nation of warlords and tribes. I have the feeling that they will take all they can get in reorganising as we wish and then revert to their old ways. Iraq seems to be a model for this. The Brown & Milly Band conspiracy to scare civpop with talk of better to fight them there that in SE10 is rubbish. The AQ/Talib organisation is such that they can train, plot and deploy on attacks from any country with Islamic environment. The world appears unable to deal with Captain Birdseye off the coast of Somalia; what hope in dealing with AQ/Talib based in the wide open spaces there? We have seen the efficiency of terrorists operating from Indonesia so there could be another homeland.
    If the Grauniad's Man in Helmand serves to expand the debate of stay/come out, it would be a good crusade.
  4. I know I have no knowledge of this but it sounds awfully made up. I mean there is every problem that has been in bad forces publicity in the past 5 years.
  5. Exactly. Still going on about SA80s- I don't recall too many blokes on this forum who have used the A2 on operations having much bad to say about it. The whole style of the piece just doesn't ring true for some reason. Of course I could be wrong...
  6. Not being funny, but this doesnt ring true. Maybe the guy is genuine, but the litany of "kit breaking" and the way that he seems to jump from FOB to Bastion doesnt seem right.

    If he is genuine then I'm sorry, but I can't help but feel that the Guardian may have been duped here...
  7. Seconded. It does read a little like a fairy tale.
  8. What do folks think of Michael Yon's dispatches?
  9. I believe that I know the author of this piece and have e mailed him to verify it. He is a genuine bloke and I wont go into the details of his service but lets just say he's done more than his fair share over 25 years.
  10. Then he should what is restricted and what isn't, no?

    I am not questioning his service, my bit about engaging brain stands.
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Does sound a bit like something off the naafi - could it be possible that someone is playing an evul joke on some poor jurno?
  12. IMO, it's not what he says but the way it is written that seems wrong. Has the text been changed for ease of reading (I would expect a statement to that effect) or was this written expecting publication rather than as a diary?

  13. If it's who I think then no!!
  14. Part of it rings true but bits seem a bit dubious, perhaps over exagerated for the press? Especially about the a2. From my tour I don't know anybody who had problems with the a2. Minimi had a lot of stoppages but as far as I was aware the a2 was fine.
  15. The authors name Mcnab by any chance?