Words fail me

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 16, 2007.

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  1. He's certainly in need of a right good kicking.
  2. Certainly sick. What chance of the accused being castrated to prevent him breeding and therefore potentially doing this to a human?
  3. Fcuking coward, throw him in the lions den at his nearest zoo and see if he wants to attack them. :evil:
  4. Check the comments on the article - the tw@t in question should be considering a rapid change of address, name and possibly gender!
  5. At least the article included a picture of the low life cnut! Hopefully he'll be recognised during his next weekly shopping trip and suitably 'reformed'!

    Cricket bats usually work best.....
  6. I remember reading somewhere that an alarming number of serial killers begin their "careers" by abusing and killing animals. I wonder what the head shrinkers will make of him?
  7. Think plastic surgery might be called for as well, although suspect he might be about to get that and the gender reassignment done FOC any time now.

    His full address, yahoo mail account and bebo profile are now all flagged up.
  8. Hopefully the head shrinker will be a witch doctor who will reduce his head to size of a cats head and eat his liver.

    But unfortunately your on about some phychiatrist who will show him pictures of little animals and say he's fit and well to live in society.
  9. Wonder how long it'll be until PETA members dig up his granny.
  10. Hopefully not but I'm sure they will find some excuse to explain his behavior. Surely someone who is capable of doing this is only a few short steps from being a real danger to himself and to others? Anyway the courts (in their wisdom) have spoken.
  11. Whether or not you like cats, there's no excuse for this sort of behaviour to a helpless animal.

    And wtf was the judge up to putting a temporary ban on his keeping pets? This wasn't neglect due to a correctable lack of knowledge, it was deliberate and systematic and there has to be a suspicion he had a hand in the disappearance of his girlfriends other cats.

    A lifetime ban and forfeiture of goolies should have been the least he could expect.
  12. One thing I absolutly hate is crulty to animals. Words fail me.

  13. I'm told that barbaric animal cruelty is one of the three defining characteristics of psychopaths. Watch out for kids going missing wherever this guy's living in a few years.
  14. With any luck he'll cut himself shaving before then!