Words fail me..for once.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Rotherham Council remove ethnic minority children from foster carers because they are members of UKIP!!!
  2. Why, this is the UK. A country that has lost its identity and has been indoctrinated with a PC madness by successive socialist governments and local councils. The East German police had nothing compared to the powers of the local council social worker.
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  3. Does anyone else not find it strange that social workers from Rotherham Council are perfectly happy to remove "Non-white non- British" children from a foster couple that has an excellent history of fostering, because of their membership of a main-stream political party, are the same Rotherham Council social workers that ignored the plight of white teenage girls being forced in to prostitution and abuse by asian males.

    I am wondering how they think this decision will in any way make them look any more competent than recent history has shown them to be.
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  4. Shows the madness of the country. We have to bend over to make ethnics welcome in our country, but its a big no no to try to foster them. Is Rotherham Council Labour by any chance?

    Just googled and found it is a Labour council....no surprises there then.
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  5. I do think that First Worksing the Outrage Bus is appropriate in this instance. The council have seriously overstepped the mark.

    I need to get this straight. They've removed mixed race kids from a couple that volunteered to accept non white children into their home on the premise that they were racist ?


    Rotherham is a shithole and it's council is run by PC mongs.
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  6. Tbf it is ukip :)

    Always seemed the political party for the pub bore.
    Considering the desperate need for good foster parents councils being idiots but then social workers cant win.
  7. The woman in charge of Rotherham Social Services (Joyce Thacker I believe) tried to defend the action on the BBC Radio 4 Today Program. I say tried. She insisted the placing wasn't permanent anyway and implied that it was all in the interests of the children, whose ethnic needs had to be catered for.

    If you are going to defend the indefensible, make some bloody effort. She needs to be sacked before she has to make decisions affecting the futures of other children in the area.
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  8. Just watched an interview with someone from the Rotherham Gaulieters department and apart from the fact that she wouldn't have looked out of place at a black mass...the level of PC brainwashing on display is truly epic...she absolutely believed she was right and used UKIP's stated opposition to multi-culteralism (as a philosophy, presumably) as her justification . Fuckwit wanker scumsuckers just doesn't seem strong enough.
  9. UKIP is just the same knobheads who were BNP but without the Paki bashing.
  10. I know it is the NAAFI but being fucking stupid isn't compulsory.
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  11. In this case at least they would stand a much better chance of winning if they put their own political predujices aside and concentrated on the kids like they are supposed to. Do think the kids would rather be in an appropriate political environment or a good caring one?...Rotherham council admit that the couple gave a good standard of care so this action is pure lefty malice thats all.
  12. Just as socialism is communism with capitalist leaders.