Words and phrases that automatically get you branded a cnut

There are certain words and phrases on this site that have been banded around, overused and have become irritating and unfunny beyond belief.

When they are used a sense of 'What a cnut' comes over me. Not internet outrage or anger, just a sigh, a stoop in posture and click of the mouse off the subject, then placing the perpetrator on ignore.

When I quote them here I imagine some of the forum comics will re quote them and add a little witty sideline to them, thats a given, these people will probably lack the testes and forethought to make an original post or gain a thought for themselves. Hence them being cnuts.

Words off the top of my head for starters are:

Them, mong, maddie, shed, mlar, walt, 49para

Feel free to add:
I still think maddie has some mileage left, unlike the girl herself.

Happy now you miserable cunt?


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"Fixed that for you" which should earn the person who typed it a severe to moderate amount of dental torture.

I really do wish people understood we do not do this sort of thing here.


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PMSL - no you fucking didn't.

"You owe me a new keyboard" - bollocks. nothing is that funny.

Civil Serpents/Desk Jockeys/REMFS - No, because you are a frontline FOB fighter, and not a fat wheezy git in England, or a fat ex-pat molestly ladyboys somewhere hot and cheap.
Liarbour Party
Instant Sunshine - Yes, you know who you are!!


New Liabour, Granuidad, Torygraph, Bliar, Broon, Daily Wail/Hate. People who intentionally misspell swear words, either spell it properly or don't swear it makes you look like a gimp.


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Tony Bliar - he's a liar and a Grade-A cunt, we all know that already.

EUSSR - OK, I don't like it either, but stupid parallels like this add nothing, and make the user look a tool.


Not so much words, but styles of posting:

1. no punctuation not a single bit nor any capital letters no matter what the subject name or title or whether it is a proper noun while i am at it they usually post without any form of paragraph structure making it almost impossible to read

2. Excessive punctuation .....!!!!!!!!????????? per Red Square !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am certainly not a grammar Nazi, but lazy posting (as opposed to the odd error) and excessive use of exclamation marks and smilies marks the poster as a weapons grade cunt.

Oh, and "the sand pit" or "the 'Ghan". Cunts - every single one of them.
Fucking SLR. It got replaced. Move on.
Walt hunters outing someone on their 1st post despite the average boy scout having more military experience than the poster.

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