Word of warning!

Anyone thats looking for kit on line stay well clear of http://www.britkitdirect.co.uk/index.htm ,I placed an order for an assault vest and had to phone 6 times(only getting the guy twice) when the original order was made on the net a week before for 48hr delivary(which i paid £6.50 for)it's over 10 days and the item still has'nt turned up! Anyone else had this problem??? :?
Brit Kit and the owner, are fantastic. I have used them on numerous occassions and know others who have - never a problem with the service and the kit is excellent.
sadmann_insane!! said:
Since i posted the topic "Word of warning" the owner of BritKit sent a letter explaining the situation at BritKit and reason the vest arrived late,the company are clearly trying to provide a service as cheap as possible (assualt vests are £79.95)and therefore because of the present commitments of the forces his kit is in high demand and keeping up with this demand is difficult,it's good to know there is a company out there in the forces interest. http://www.britkitdirect.co.uk/products/tactical_assault_vest_dpm.htm Get on there and have a look.
Still haven't got the vest though have you?

I hope they're going to refund the cost of the 48 hour delivery!
Wow! what an amazing coincidence! You can't get a response from the guy, you struggle to even get him to speak to you and no sign of the kit.. Then when you bring this to the attention of the buying public he writes you a personal letter. The whole thing stinks to me, why couldn't he contact you before the adverse publicity? That to me is really poor customer service. And you think he has the Forces' interest at heart?

Try using a reputable dealer in future. I would suggest http://www.rvops.co.uk/ or http://www.ukkitmonster.com/ or http://www.sasskit.co.uk/ No nonsense service, in two cases first hand knowledge of the kit from real world experience. Its true; you get what you pay for. For manufacture try http://www.vanguardproducts.co.uk/

If Brit Kit is to UK MoD spec. why aren't the buckles compatible with PLCE and the cordura used so much lighter in weight? Not to mention the quality of stitching......

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