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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. New thread as earlier ones very long.

    This is from Bill Deedes. He is a vastly greater man than Dear Bill from Private Eye. Cabinet Minister. Exceedingly well travelled. Google him for more but this is from Friday last Daily Telegraph. I've put it all here in case it vanishes into archives that demand payment.

    Having read it - where is he wrong (if at all) and why cannot our political Adolfs see it?
  2. I hate to be un PC. But if muslims want to live in the UK, they should understand that their bollocks laws dont apply to other people here. If you want to live here, learn to live how we do. If you dont like it. Go home.
    *Ahem* And im calm.

    Edited to not look like a complete nazi racist.
  3. My only comment on the 'live like we do' attitude is 'which we?' Chavs on a sink estate, scousers, Glaswegians, South Yorkshire Socialists, ladies who lunch, men educated at Eton and suchlike, etc etc usw usw. The point raisd by Deedes concerning CGS comment on moral and spiritual vacuum is very relevant here. Who is the 'model' Brit/Englishman/Taff/Jock we want these people to imitate?
  4. The only time I've ever seen a Scouser wearing a veil was just before he robbed a 24 hr Service Station.
  5. Allright, i give up. Lets strap ourselfs up with a big 'ol belt of dynamite and go blow some innocents up.
  6. Care to show us how it's done first?
  7. Ahem, you did ask
  8. Seems William Boot wants it both ways.
    Are the muslims unable to adapt or are they moderate?
    fact is he hasn't a clue.
  9. What exactly is "conforming to British ways"?

    Pinstripe suits? Drunken yobbery?

    As far as im concerned as long as you obey the law of the land you're "conforming".

    Old Bill Deedes is probably a touch nostalgic for the time when the Brit had the whip hand over Johnny Foreigner.
  10. :worship: :worship: :worship:

    Reading that comment I not only laughed so hard that I nearly weed myself, but then the shock or relising that, it is true.

    A person in a veil could be english or other, and they could be in it to rob a station ect.

    And good old british ways is basically to go out every thursday friday saturday and sunday and get totally shitfaced! or have I been corrupted by my own way of life?
  11. I do not think the way of life is in question.

    The law is the law of the land............this land
  12. I know that it is the law of the land which is question.

    But to follow the laws of the land they also need to intergrate themselves into our way of life. I dont mean by totally disregarding their own religen way of life but by respecting it and attemting to learn it.

    Its like most of the people that come to England dont even know the basic law of the road yet we give them a drivers licence without blinking. So in essence it is not just their fault (although they should attempt to learn it) it is also our own governments fault.
  13. What about:

    How about, to gain entrance into this Country.

    Pass all regular immigration tests.
    Pass a stringent medical examination including TB, AIDS & Cancer Screening.
    Pass GCSE English Lit' & Language.
    Pass UK Driving Test.
    Show that they have enough cash to be self sufficient (Remember that we do not accept economic refugees).
    Sign an agreement that states if they are sentenced in a UK Court for any crime, they will be deported.

    About right?...............................isn't this an American idea?
  14. yup thats right, and it seems to work for them well sometimes.