Word document wont download

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Eyebrows of Doom, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. HELP,,,,,

    I am trying to send a document via email that i have written using Microsoft word but when they try to open it all you get is the box saying "getting file information" (with the graphic of the paper moving across the screen) also" estimated time left and transfer rate" but no actual figure to show what’s happening. it just never stops with nothing actually happening.

    Can anyone please HELP MEEEEEEEE????????
  2. send it to yourself from a yahoo or hotmail account and see if it happens to you. If not then they have the problem. Try sending it as rtf ?
  3. Has it got lots of embedded pictures - i.e. is it a humongous file size that is locking up the ISP's system?
  4. Yes i have sent it to my self a few times just changing font sizes etc to see if it would make a difference, but nothing else changes.

    Its just a word document, no pics or anything.

    Whats rtf?
  5. Rich Text Format - one of many options to which you can save the file
  6. Sounds like they are trying to open the Word document directly from an online email account like Yahoo.
    Try saving the attachment to their own computer first and then open from there.
  7. Ok its not working, i just typed a few words on microsoft word and sent it to myself and the same thing happened again, not only that i tried to open a funny a friend has sent me and the same thing has happened.

    It might be a problem with my programs so i will get onto microsoft direct.

    Cheers chaps,

    I better go and make the dinner cos my heads getting nipped???
  8. Is it vista you are using, if it is I had similar problem and had to download new wocument thingy from microsoft and that corrected the problem with me