Wootton Bassett

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Dunc0936

    Dunc0936 Old-Salt

    Just watching the news, looks like a huge turn out despite the rain, the support for troops seems to continue to grow even if support for the conflict is falling

  2. Iam here and the crowds are a out 3 deep. The media are also out in force looking for a story etc. Fkrs! Got another hour to wait and people have been waiting for about 2 already.
  3. Well, there's a turn up! The fkn turd leader from the BNP is here! Outstanding!

    INCH_HIGH Old-Salt

    The media are also out in force looking for a story etc. Fkrs!

    I understand your comment about the media, leeches the lot of them. However on this occasion let us use them in our favour to get the message out and let others know of the scarifices the lads and lasses are making for us.

    Any other time they can shove their zoom lens up their arrses......
  5. Agreed but they're asking about opinions against what we're doing. On this of all days?
  6. redchad

    redchad Clanker

    Just got off the phone with a guy down there (sadly couldnt make it meself) He says lots of Older Grenadiers attended.

    Note didnt say ex as "Once a Grenadier always a Grenadier"
  7. Doogonk

    Doogonk War Hero

    Well done Wooton Bassett and all those travelling to attend. Doing the lads proud once again.

    INCH_HIGH Old-Salt

    'Agreed but they're asking about opinions against what we're doing. On this of all days?'

    Fair comment, I'm with you on that one.
  9. mnairb

    mnairb LE

    Here's tossing a grenade in and ducking - how long do you think it will be before a member of our spiteful and envious government decides that Wootton Bassett is getting a little out of hand and slaps a public order notice on it (in the same way that we are not allowed to gather outside parliament without permission)?
  10. PraetorianMonkey

    PraetorianMonkey Old-Salt

    At least this community shows the respect due to our lads coming back!! how many others would refuse to even stand still when a fallen goes by!! well done Wotton Bassett. just watching news, as sadly cannot be there and the crowd was huge!! our lads got a good welcome!! good to see.

    Exemplo Ducemus
  11. Tastytoggle

    Tastytoggle War Hero

    I don't know how we do it, but I reckon we should recommend Wootton Basset for a Queens award. They've done more to earn it than pop stars and celebs if you ask me.
  12. Jeanne_d_Arc

    Jeanne_d_Arc Clanker

  13. out@last

    out@last Old-Salt

    I thought I saw Chubb being interviewed.....BBC (I think) spoke to "one of the first there to pay her respects" "Nicola Collins, once a cadet has seen 23 of her friends laid to rest"

    WTF is that about??
  14. CAARPS


    Glad someone else saw it, I thought I was dreaming.

    Unfortunately as worthy as Wootton Bassett is you will always get an element of ‘Grief Whores’ :evil:
  15. br9mp81

    br9mp81 LE

    or just shut RAF Lyneham,or is that just being cynical?