Wootton Bassett

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Whilst driving past Wooton Bassett the other day I got to thinking of how well the locals do there by turning out in their masses for the repatriation of the chaps and chapesses from Iraq/Afghanistan and wondered if they could be Nationally recognised in some way.
    With Malta being awarded the GC in WW II would it not be possible to award Wooton Bassett and MBE or similar?
    I know it's probably never going to happen but it would be nice for the locals to know that their efforts aren't going unnoticed.
  2. Cracking Idea.. How do you nominate someone/place....?
  3. No idea but I reckon someone on here will.
  4. The local news agencies have certainly supported their efforts very well.
  5. Three cheers for Wootton Bassett, but beware it becoming a grief/walt magnet for outsiders. I know one of those featured in ongoing media coverage very well, and he's the real deal.

    However, WB also features as a mailing address for some of Shortt's associates. It would be nice if that boil were lanced.

    I suspect the appropriate thing might be Wootton Bassett MVO.
  6. How about a Challenge Anikea style project....got to be some youth club/rugby club/ old people home garden in the local area , that needs fixing/building/redecorating, put a nice shinny plaque up saying why it was done and the jobs a good un.

    Just a thought

  7. Good Idea....god I wish Camborne was nearer Lyneham..we could do with a tidy up...would take more than Anneka Fcuking Rice though!!!
  8. The Royal Victorian Order would be a great medal to be conferred on WB. It would be a fitting salute to those kind & thoughtful folk who turn out & salute our fallen on their final journey. In this day & age it is nice to see ordinary decent folk supporting our guys on Ops. If we can give Malta the GC & the RUC (God Bless Them) the GC then it would a nice piece of 'new' history to reward a lovely market town in England. A tree planted, a small memorial, the Lord Lt of Wiltshire or the Mayor of WB getting a collective award from a member of the Royal Family followed by a march past, a 4 ship Herc flyby & the BBMF. Wooton Bassett, MVO should be recognised.

    Great idea JD & well done !
  9. So how do we make this happen?

    Is it worth starting a petition on the downing st website, although they seem to be particularly ineffectual.#

    Can any of the more eloquent on here draft a letter to MP's in support of the motion for the rest of us linguistically challenged to use as a template for the same.

  10. Have a look on here:

    Awards Linky
  11. A very nice idea,but i wont hold my breath with this bunch of incompetents in charge of running our country.

    However you have my support and i will spread the word about this.

    Hats off and respect to the inhabitants of WB.
  12. Personally, I question the grammar in the demonstration of "innovative and entrepreneurship", but you get my drift. Now we need someone with the sphericals to:

    a) download the paperwork, fill it in and send it off, and
    b) get someone to start a petition in the new year as Gordon Blimey is off for two weeks
  13. I suspect that there are plenty on here who'd love to fill in the paperwork for that village, but I sincerely doubt that they listn to many nominations by commoners such as us.

    There must be someone on ARRSE who's name carries weight in downing street. Someone on here must be a senior officer, captain of industry or of similar status. Theres no need to break persec, but if you consider yourself to be an important sort of chap then you shoud probably have a go at nominating them.
  14. Yes please, sir, whoever you are, (and I am a dyed in the wool Civilian) please complete the paperwork and someone start the petition, the more the merrier, if they get five or ten or more requests from different people that the residents of Wooton Bassett should be recognised for their outstanding displays of respect to servicemen and women who have fallen in service to our nation, they may listen
  15. A great idea - this is how to nominate.

    I suggest that if people are serious about this then the first thing to do is to set up a management team to plan and prosecute the campaign.