Wootton Bassett to become Royal Wootton Bassett

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Announced by PM that later this year the Queen will confer the title Royal to Wootton Bassett, the first time in over 100 years that this has happened.
  2. Bloody good, a sad place, I'd rather not go back to, but they did a cracking job with one of ours.
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    David Cameron has just stated that from now on it will be Royal Wooten Basset result
  4. I thought the people of Wooten Bassett didn't want the Royal title?
  5. Three posts on the same topic within a few minutes of each other, and all with different spellings of the town.....
  6. I think they were being modest.
    Ironically there will be no more coffins taking that route.
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Aye, I thought that also - I remember the Mayor saying such on TV. So it looks like this government is carrying on the system of 'listening' to the public then doing what they want to do.

    Still, it is a fine, well deserved, honour.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

  9. Well, one at 1203, next at 1204 and yours at 1205. At least one of the posters had the decency to look up the correct spelling and, no, it wasn't you.
  10. They're pandering to the rest of the country's wishes so it doesn't matter what the, relatively few, good burghers of Wootton Bassett actually want.
  11. Wootton Bassett; not seen that thread!
  12. Not trying to take away from such an honour for such a small town, but anyone who has ever been on the route from WB to the John Radcliffe Hosptial in Oxford will know that there's almost as (and more in some cases) people paying their respects to the fallen.

    My RBL branch has our Standard Bearer parade up in a layby on the A420 for every time and anyone who's been to Headley Way (the main road that is the entrance to the JR) will know that it has a very good turnout for every repatriation.

    When I attended a repatriation at WB, the cars arriving and leaving WB made me guess that the vast amount of those paying their respects are not WB locals, and if so, does it give a unfair impression of the level of 'dignity' offered by those who live there?

    Just a thought