Wootton Bassett - the town that remembers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CivvyPete, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Apologies to mods if this has already been posted, but I found the BBC's documentary tonight moving and evocative.
  2. I thought the biker bloke got in the face of the family a lot. Very moving programme, though.
  3. Surprised to learn it has only been doing this for 4 years
  4. The fact that first post on the programme was at 22.03 shows a lot! Very moving and a great credit to the town.
  5. What does it show?
  6. I found it cringeworthy, and was quite sickened at some (not all) who were clearly there for their own sense of purpose. Using dead people to boost your own low self esteem is ******* grim in my book.

    ******* day trippers.
  7. must admit I didn't watch it , worth Iplayering?
  8. In certain respects I agree with Moody. When you approach the family and start turning it onto yourself and your grief. The biker is still grating on me... Busy-body Crab.
  9. Yep he gripped my shit too. Bastard hanger-on.
  10. I'm not sure I would want a load of strangers standing around if one of my loved ones was repatriated. Thought the guy who gathered up the cards and things was a bit well strange, not sure it's right to do that
  11. I thought the documentary team pitched it just about right. I thought the locals came across very genuine.
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  12. It was alright to watch, I thought it explained how it all started quite well,
    Some of the people who did little things like look after the flowers for the families, werent doing it to show off, it was just a nice gesture.
    The biker might not have pleased everyone, but I didn't see a queue of other people ready to guide the family and friends of those killed.
  13. Again, I'm with fairy on this one.

    When the card collector started to describe what he does, I thought that over time when the cards are blowing down the high street, he would collect them for the folder...The ink was still WET when he grabbed it from the memorial!
  14. As a ground roots reaction to the repatriations, I have always held Wootton Bassett in high respect.

    I am pleased, though, that the townspeople resisted various attempts at "escalation", including the Highway For Heroes; and the Royal Prefix for the town, before such time as the repatriations were reassigned.

    For the high degree of genuineness and high respect shown for the guys returning on their own I have to applaud what I saw; but it could so easily have become a total shambles, full of falsehood, as I feel became the massive public "grief" after the death of Princess Diana.

    In so far as any judgement is of value, my opinion falls into insignificance compared with that of the relatives and close friends of our repatriated troops, who went to Wooton Bassett, and I will go with the "right or wrong" as per their views.
  15. Err...Had he been doing it out of genuine concern for the family maybe, but he came across as an attention seeker who was showing the family "the best spot".

    ******* disgraceful. And he needs a haircut.