Wootton Bassett on BBC Inside Out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. There will be an item about Wootton Bassett on BBC 1 West on Weds 4th Feb.
    It will be on 'Inside Out' at 1930. If you've got Sky you can pick this up or if not on the BBC i Player.
  2. Bump for this tonight.
  3. Thanks for posting that - I recorded it on Sky+ but didn't realise it was localised, so got the London one instead :(
  4. thanks jd.
  5. Moving stuff - it's nice to know that some people still respect our armed forces.
  6. Utterly stunning, terribly moving. It's one of the few things that makes one proud to be British. No 'Diana-esque' wailing, no rubber necking, no glory grabbing. Just incredibly dignified respect from all age groups and backgrounds from that community.

    It really does bring a lump to the throat witnessing what a small population of British people can do.

    I sincerely hope the media coverage doesn't turn the repatriations into some sort of 'media event' that attracts the wrong sorts for the wrong reasons. For example, celebs who need face time or members of the Government who need to be seen to 'care'.

    Bloody well done Wootton Bassett.
  7. Seconded - I didn't want to admit it, but I had something in my eye.
  8. There was an old girl stood behind me on that programme who'd been to about 50 of them and she was sobbing her heart out.
  9. Very moving Stuff :( if only more towns and citys where like that god bless ya wootton Bassett :salut:
  10. No we don't; we are Britons doing nothing but our duty, paying our necessary respects; just about any other town or village would do the same. Its just because we are the first town with a high street between Lyneham and the rest of the country.
  11. I ask myself, would other towns pay the same respects you do? I'm not so sure. Your town deserves recognition as thanks for your respects, in this time when so few could be bothered.
  12. This shows that people can change and perceptions can alter. WB used to be a place a Serviceman could bet on someone starting a fight with them if they got wind of them - glad to see things can change such places.
  13. What I was amazed at when the cortege came past was the young lads of the area take off their baseball caps in respect. You very rarely see that anywhere these days.