Wootton Bassett/Afghan Heroes insult by The Daily Mirror

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shame us, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Sadly, The Daily Mirror decided to publish a sneering, insult to both the people of Wootton Bassett and the est. 22,000 riders who participated and raised approx (to date) £175,000 for Afghan Heroes. Following many complaints they have quietly removed the offending item and ignored the issue completely. For further info, check out the facebook site:


    which is calling for a boycott of The Daily Mirror. Would be great to get a few more members...
  2. Links dead, get a grip...
  3. Just read about it in the MCN, strikes me that the bloke writing the piece is anti bike so thought he would slag off the whole parade which is not very clever of him or the Mirror. But then again what else would you expect for a crap newspaper that has an anti military stance
  4. Oh and well done all that attended, wish I could have been there but was trying to defrost in Spain!
  5. I can never figure out why people buy that rag and The Scum.

    Sensationalised crap for the mouth-breathers.....
  6. I cannot boycott the Mirror or the Sun, fact is I would never waste my money on either paper.........
  7. Oh at least the Sun tends to have a couple of good points. Normally P3!

    The Mirror even stopped doing that to get in touch with its core socialist/wimmins rights/PC readership.
  8. Paper???

  9. A labour party PC rag is more like it.
  10. Yes, the sort you wipe your arse on normally, I wouldnt even wrap my fish & chips in either the sun, the mirror or guardian! They are a total waste of paper pulp, just think if they stopped printing it would help "save the planet" by reducing the number of trees wasted on providing the pulp!! :twisted: :twisted:
  11. I,ll continue to buy the Sun and the Mirror....it,s cheaper than toilet paper.
  12. I was one of the many who attended this show of respect for Wooten Basset. As I recall the mayor who was at the RV at Hullavington told us to ignore the knobbers (my words not his).
  13. So what was the insult?
  14. boycotted since 2005 and the tw@T Piers morgan
  15. bobthedog - "I cannot boycott the Mirror or the Sun"
    Of course you can. Take out a subscription and cancel it [​IMG]