Wootton Basset Facebook campaigner receives death threats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dunstaggin, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Campaigner Jo Cleary fights Wootton Bassett protests

    A Herne Bay mum protesting against the planned extremist march through Wootton Bassett says she's received death threats.

    Jo Cleary, 43, from Broomfield, set up a facebook group attacking the campaign after radical group Islam4UK announced plans to parade through the town with empty coffins to symbolise the Muslims 'mercilessly murdered' in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This week she's been sent an email making threats against her life.

    Threats have also been sent to fellow campaigner Lucy Aldridge, whose 18-year-old son Will was killed in Afghanistan.

    It's thought the threats are from an anti-racism group, rather than a Muslim organisation.

    Mum-of-four Jo said: "The threat came through on an email. It was quite handy as I was actually talking to the police at the time, so they have the email now. Special Branch are involved and have offered me full protection.

    "It beggars belief someone could be of the mindset where they think it's acceptable to threaten a mum who buried her 18-year-old soldier son six months ago."

    Jo, who runs a support group for soldiers and their families, said she is not scared by whoever is behind the threats.

    "I'm not going to stop because of them. The most they've probably worn is a school uniform. The day they don a uniform and fight for Queen and country and then come back and have ago at me, then I'll listen, but don't sit with a monitor and a keyboard and expect me to feel frightened."

    Hate preacher Anjem Choudary provoked outrage after announcing 500 hard-line members of Islam4UK would march on Wootton Bassett - a town renowned for honouring Britain's fallen troops.

    Since his outburst photographer Jo has appeared on Sky News, GMTV, BBC, ITV and even CNN expressing her views about the stunt.

  2. The stupidity and hypocracy of the far-left still manages to astound me at times.

    Percieved racism, that's a big no-no , but death threats to a middle aged woman who's recently lost her son? yeah we're cool with that.
  3. When 2 Mercian marched through the streets of Nottingham first Saturday in December, this scruffy bod with his 3 maybe 4-ish year-old lad on his shoulders spat in the direction of a young Woofer in a wheelchair diffy one of his legs. With 2 policemen immediately sensing he was a GBH-in-waiting, he was politely asked why he had just done what he had. His reply was something about "fascist war in Iraq...." Our biggest enemy in this country is the left-wing anti-British elite.
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    why are an anti-race rentamob getting involved with islam? last time I checked, I thought it was a faith, not a race.
  5. I was invited to that march but declined because I just wanted to watch the football in my usual seat, but I was delayed getting to the match by smelly cnuts who had decided to meet in market square but forgot that the German market was on,meaning they had to go on the roads and bring the town to a stop.

    Stupid selfish people who never think anything through.
  6. That FB group has been infiltrated by number of UAF types.

    The UAF really are scum and a much bigger threat than the EDL or Islam4UK.

    Look at them storming BBC to try and deny Nick Griffin his democratic right to speak. Mongs.
  7. How come this thread has been moved from the main forum into here ?

    It's neither rumour, gossip nor scandal !
  8. some UAF types are the mirror image of the EDL twats.
    some are harmless but completetly irritating twats.

    I know an idividual who would send death threats like that completely harmless in real life but a total pain in the arse.
    This individual started a one man campign against nexus magazine (its for people who think the x files is real) after it printed the mad rantings of some racist facist nutter. The nutter who belives the britsh are the last lost tribe of isreal etc etc racist yes but mad and harmless.
    so this twat gets hold of the charity I worked for headed notepaper and wrote threating letters to every newsagent in brighton que monday morning very irate blokes with tatoos turn up intent on violence :evil: much apologies promise it won't happen again explain bloke is probable acid casuality.
    next bloke who imports nexus magazine turns up to talk to nutter .
    said nutter in building claims chairty is endangering lives of activists and cooperating with the state. :roll:
    At this point having cleaned up this nutters shit more than once produce MOD 90 From the ta claim its a security service ID and we are watching him :twisted:
    nutter flees never to be seen again :D
    lots of mad letters about mi5 infltration of charity etc etc
    deny all knowledge :roll:
  9. Well come on, its hardly a surprise. If anyone wants to go and diss muslims publicly then they have to expect to be axed to death.