Woopee. Im rich!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Got an e-mail today. I knew my luck had to change...

    Perhaps fellow arrsers would like to thank him on my behalf via skype/phone/e-mail too? He might have a fedex package of $USD for you too!

    Right, I'm off to buy a Bentley, a rolex, and some high class prostitutes. see yah
  2. I got one of these about a week ago..........

    I'm still waiting for the money to be placed in my bank.
    I so looking for to this, I've been waiting all my life for this break through.


    I was so exicted that I had to tell a few more people like

    MPS Fraud Squad (SO6)
    Wellingtion House
    6/7 Buckingham Gate
    SW16 6BE

    Do you think i fcuked up on the SECURITY INFO???????
  3. Fraud Alert
    Fraud Alert
    Money transfer fraud

    * Money transfer services are often the preferred method used by a variety of fraudsters in Online auction site frauds, 419 fraud, lottery fraud and criminal cashback.
    * Money transfer agents, which include Western Union provide a service for those who need to send money quickly and reliably to friends and family, and should not be used for money transfer to people that you do not know or whose identity you cannot verify.
    * Never pay for an item bought on an on line auction site through instant wire transfer service, whether it is suggested after making the winning bid or whether through another approach, such as second chance offer or offer the goods at a reduced price suggesting you step outside on the online auction site. There is little security in this, no matter what the seller says, and you are effectively sending your hard earned cash to a stranger ‘on trust’ alone.
    * Never send money via money transfer service if you have been in receipt of lottery fraud email, during which you are encouraged by the fraudster to send money in the form of advance fees to gain the release of the lottery funds, as genuine lotteries will never ask you for such funds to pay taxes or release fees. In fact genuine lotteries, such as the UK Big Lottery has no idea who has bought the winning ticket, so will never be able to contact you telling you about your ‘unclaimed’ prize money. Never send these people money by any method.
    * Never send money via money transfer service if you have been in receipt of a ‘419’ email offering you a cut of a large sum of money the if you help to release it from a bank account. If you respond, during the discussions with the fraudster you will be encouraged by them to send them money in the form of advance fees to gain the release of the funds mentioned in the email, usually a ridiculous figure mentioned that is in the millions. Never send these people money by any method.
    * Never send money via money transfer service if you have been in receipt of cheque payment from someone in a sum greater that that you are asking (known as criminal cashback) for the item you are selling or property you are renting. After the cheque has been paid into your account, the fraudster you will encouraging you to send to them or someone else the difference by money transfer or bank transfer. Never send these people money by any method. If the cheque is stolen or forged it often can take more than 3 days, sometimes considerable longer, before that cheque is identified as being stolen or forged. Not only have you already sent the funds by money transfer with no means of recovering it, you will find that you bank account will have the original debt reversed, leaving you with the loss of the funds withdrawn and sent via money transfer.
    * When money transfer services are being used in connection with fraudulently activity, whilst the person collecting the money has to produce identification, the documents produced by these fraudsters are often false, making the recovery of any money sent by this method extremely difficult.
    * Western Union recently joined forces with the Metropolitan Police Service to combat ‘high volume’ fraud – see article .
    * A new Western Union money transfer warning sheet - (75KB PDF)
  4. You hit the nail on the head there mate! :eek:
  5. We can now tell Bono and Geldof to shut the fcuk up too
  6. Bono is a Twaat
  7. Scott R you are talking rubbish and do not know what you are on about.

    Quote: Barr.Donald William
    SECURITY INFO: You are advised to keep your winning information completely
    personal for security reasons to avoid any kind of impersonation or double
    claim. We have handled such cases before so please be warned. Unquote.

    You see these lads know what they are doing now leave us to our new found fortunes.

  8. Only this morning I was informed I had won the Nigerian Lottery and the West Australian Lottery too
    Who would have thought it, Two lottery wins in one morning.
    Have already thrown the wife out and have ordered in the hookers/champagne/ferrari
    Only have to wait two weeks for my cash!!!
  9. From the sounds of it, I'm sure they'd be just as happy if you were to turn up at their offices in person to claim it in cash...
  10. Give half to Holidays4heroes, enjoy the rest :D

    yes I know it's not for real :wink: