Woolwich Saved

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Snakes_R_Us, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. On defence intranet today that Woolwich station will be kept. Two bns of ceremonial duty infantry will move in.

    HMMMM smell something fishy, Woolwich to close so move the Arty out. Oh I know lets keep it and give it to the guards and then sell off Chelsea Bks cos its worth more. Guards have had their eye on it for a while and now finally got it.
  2. Theiving Fatherless Oedipae.
  3. Desecrating bastards..
  4. massive parade square.
  5. Thank you, Darling.
  6. Looks like there'll be very smart soldiers lining the start of the marathon soon. As a neutral (REME been posted to 16 and attached to Chelsea) Im just glad that at least one big camp is staying in London and it looks like there'll be a whole load of fresh faced soldiers ready to get pounced on in 'Dingos!
  7. Surprise Surprise.....

    Duh.......that was never on the cards.

    Larkhill will now become home to thr RA, with central messes et al.

    The thing that really gets me, is that the new residents are actually happy to move from their own Chelsea abodes as Woolwich has so many amenities and much nicer accommodation.

    As someone who has only ever stayed in the transit blocks or the Sgt's Mess I can only say......WTF??????

    The amenities.....a dodgy pub and Kebab shop at the gates. A walk down the hill and you have a little more.....did you know that the very first McDonald's in the UK was the one in Woolwich? Not many people know that....

    [/dodgy Micheal Cain impression]
  8. And sweeping up the brass at the 2012 Olympic shooting venue :)
  9. It's been there all this time and it's still like that!?
  10. It's a museum piece Fas.... a little like yourself. ;)
  11. Stone me! Say again colour, over...
  12. :lol:

    I say again kettle...cancel....Black Pot...Out! :lol:
  13. This has been on the cards for quite a while. They have looked at locating the KT there as well since StJW is at risk. Slightly erroneous to call it a London Barracks, bloody inaccessible - perhaps Olympics will assist in that respect. Blue /Red/Blue stitch up but Gunners did roll over rather easily. Don't think the Guards will be in there for the long term. Current incumbants due to move to TI late 07 (may slip) and push out the Sussex and Hants Gunners to Rutland Water. So much for a more stable Army and reducing the cost of Arms plotting!


  14. I shall be writing to my MP. What is the point in keeping large units in London when there are thousands of acres of "arse end of nowhere" in Scotland and I am looking for buy to let investments.

    I shall suggest Imber is given a lick of paint and point the MOD in the directions of some used portacabins.
  15. Pensionpointer

    "Blue /Red/Blue stitch up but Gunners did roll over rather easily."

    We didnt roll over we dont want the place!

    SP4 the way ahead