Woolwich Barracks

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Quinn, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have the Civvie number for the Officers Mess at Woolwich barracks?
  2. Yes thanks. Do you want the simplex code for the back gate too?
  3. Try 118 118. Phone numbers are their thing.
  4. You've both ben very helpful.

  5. it can't have been very urgent.
  6. I have a friend there.....would you like his mobile??

    Or is that you Strap-on??!?! Have you forgotten your phone number again??
  7. Which Woolwich Barracks? The one in Osnabruck is in the process of closing down. If you mean the Officers' Mess on Front Parade in Woolwich Station, that's a different kettle of poison entirely!

    Aren't you the chap who didn't know who that "Slim fella" was?

    If this is for some form of joining the Army type chat, I would suggest that your sponsor ought to be organising accomodation for any visits. That's part of their job!