Woolwich Barracks, Royal Artillery, PWRR .. HELP

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by teawhitetwosugers, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm due a new posting in a couple of weeks too Woolwich. As far as i am aware there is only one barracks in the area. I've tried the hive a couple of times but the welfare office always seems to be closed.
    I'm off for the All-Arms Recruiting team there. Could anyone be helpful for any information to if i will be accommodated in the same camp.. as im aware its just been recently revamped to Z type :plotting:
    Any info at all would be great!
  2. I did RADT there in 2001, we had a block to ourselves that we shared with the RART. The troop offices are directly across the road from the main gate. Bear in mind this was 12 years ago though.

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  3. Might be an idea to phone the PWRR Guard room & ask them for info or request Hive alternative numbers.

    They can answer your Z type accommodation query too as the only other Camp in Londist with Z type is Cavalry Bks. Hounslow.

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  4. Cheers B, Got Hives contact details and email. Many Thanks