Woolwich attack: Online posts over Lee Rigby killing spark charges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, May 25, 2013.

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  1. So much for freedom of speech. Online rhetoric and actual actions are two completely different things. I do not condone inflamatory language but to chase people for an off the cuff remark on an online social media site is a bit rich.
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  2. Eh? Contradiction and unintended irony going hand in in hand, there.
  3. I note that there's no reporting af the words these accused criminals are believed to have uttered or written, I wonder if that's because they are so inflammatory that the mere repetition of them would have grave consequences, or because they are so trivial that the authorities don't want to confess to wasting their own time by pursuing them.

    I can't help but feel that police resources could be better spent than on trawling the internet for intemperate or ill-natured remarks.
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  4. Yep, like arresting those little bastards who deface the Queen's pavement with hopscotch chalk.
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  5. Trying to deal with Muslim terrorists is like trying to bring order to Afghanistan,we all have one hand tied behind our backs,one eye closed and a F ing big plaster across our mouths.Welcome to multi cultural UK.The loudest protests seem to be coming from the sect responsible.
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  6. Then we wonder why crime figures rise, such a crime was unheard of not so long ago...........dam all this 21st century gadgetry.
  7. Right or wrong I would rather we had free speech. Stopping people saying doesn't stop them thinking or doing.
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  8. I am awaiting a visit from the Self Expression Police soon.

    If all these new hate laws were to be applied retrospectively then millions would have been arrested for using terms like Hun,Gerry,Kraut,Nip,Jap,Commie,Red,Eyety,the list is endless and shows how the modern laws are truly unfair.I maintain the right to complain and utter my views about anything that I find distasteful altho I wouldn't call for anyone to do violence to another because of their views.Just imagine if the IRA had access to these New Hate Laws.
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  9. I would have thought it would foster a sense of grievance which would make 'doing' more likely in the long run.
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  10. Its nice to see that the police can apprehend these dangerous web criminals within a few minutes, and also as stated before arrest little lasses for chalking a hopscotch board on Her Maj's pavement, and also suing garage owners when they trip over their own feet.
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  11. I would imagine that all of these have been reported to the police by people who have felt* threatened or abused.

    *Either genuinely or falsely, and directly or on the part of others. Probably mostly faux outrage on behalf of others.
  12. The State punishing its citizens for ventilating views, is just building a pressure cooker of problems, even in our workplaces we cannot use the restroom/canteen etc to ventilate frustrations, annoyances etc.

    If intent is to incite violence ok the law intervenes, but otherwise venting our spleens is necessary, stopping words can create situation where people feel need to take actions.
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  13. Until we actually hear the words complained of there's no way to tell.
  14. Just out of interest, will the two arrested in connection with the Woolwich incident be charged with racially/religiously aggravated murder?
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