Woolies GONE......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by datumhead, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Yeah, and MFI is on its way out too :(
  2. My Chinese mate told me this. Apparently, James Bond went out on the speed boat and MFI are moving out on the Duck. :lol:
  3. What a lovely day for going into a Woolworth's Pick and Mix counter and mixing it all up with a pick!
  4. The woolies in Australia must be different then , they are still going strong
  5. Good! and.....good :D

    Our local store has never ever had facilities for the disabled though it saw fit to expand its store, ignoring wheelchair users and other similar disabilities.

    Get rid.
  6. Gutted. No more cheap James Last cassettes for me then. I'm surprised Woolies survived beyond 1979, as I was never really sure what the point of it was - or who it was aimed at. Oh well, more real estate for Starbucks to take over. They're like the fcuking Borg: 'Must... assimilate... all... high street... outlets. Resistance is futile!'
  7. I'll miss the pick and mix.
    I won't miss the bloody adverts with that infuriating sheep and his annoying mate :).
  8. Its just been reported on the news that PC World and Currys have now said they are in "The Red" and might be next - so DON'T buy a PC from either of them, as you will have no warranty options once they go under!
  9. Glad to hear Curry's are in the smelly stuff as well. Perhaps they'd have fared a bit better if their sales staff had focussed a bit more on what the customer wanted to buy instead of badgering them about extended warranties they'd already said they didn't want. I can't have been the only one who walked out never to return.
  10. Great.
    Give it two months and i'll have yet another charity shop in the high street (or a pound shop ?) ! :roll:
  11. Gah, I live in a "tourist town" where most of the shops are outdoor clothing retailers and the only remotely useful store for locals is Woolworths. I can guran-fecking-tee that if the store closed it would be replaced by another fecking outdoor clothing store.
  12. Don't you like Kendal mint cake then ?
  13. Was in my local Currys the other day spent 5 minutes being ingnored by a multitude of staff, walked out went to Comet. Staff couldn't be more helpful, excellent customer service. Currys have only themselves to blame.
  14. For the love of the pick and mix!