Woolas spills the beans on why we are in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. It's to keep the immigrants out! 8O

    He told the Home Affairs Committee:

    'If this country and others were to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban were able to take control of Afghanistan our evidence is that the number of asylum seekers coming to the EU would significantly increase.

    'An argument that is not aired strongly enough in my view is the benefit of the presence of our armed forces and other countries' is to help us control immigration.'

  2. Utter shite.
    A pathetic atempt to create a political justification for one fuk up by blaming another fuk up.
    If its that big a concern withdraw the 9000 plus troops from Afghanistan and deploy them on domestic border control. They can shoot the fukkers coming of the ferry at Dover and get a comfy billet while they do it.
  3. Woolas is a fcuking idiot... more Labour re-writing of history?
  4. What a load of bollocks.

    It's Labour playing to the gallery- in this case, you- by making the ludicrous claim that a) fighting a war in a given country will decrease the number of emigrants from said country b) that this is why we are fighting it.

    The thought process seems to be that the very word immigration (boo, hiss!) will provide an instinctive Pavlovian response in his listeners that anything that keeps those hairy darkies off their gravel driveways is inherently a good thing- for all the blood and treasure we're pouring in the Afghan dust.

    I'm surprised he didn't say it's being fought to fend off paedos or the Euro.
  5. Woolas is a fcuking idiot... more Labour re-writing of history? :roll:

    Absolutely correct... Mes Amis.... It's a wonder Mr Woolyass hasn't put the blame on Maggie Thatcher.... as if........??

    One wonder if he has....... Buge Hollox....
  6. Bring the troops back,stand them 2 metres apart around the coast.Fix bayonets."Who goes there?"

  7. He's keeping that one back for when we attack Iran. :wink:
  8. What a load of bollox we can't even control immigration on our own borders,let alone going to war miles away in the belief it is helping to control immigration.
  9. Somehow I feel that Labour just isn't trying any more...
  10. I have not read such utter sh ite since my ex wifes divorce petition. Woolas needs castrating with a blunt UK id card.
  11. Maybe they all know that Pa Cycleclips McRuin is more than just a little 'barking'.... That the Harridans... are also 'Barking..'.... and that Lord Meddlesome has gone very silent recently..... Do I smell the stench of dirty underwear afoot in Numero Dix.. and a few socks....??

    Are the 'Young Blods'.... Milipede, 'Balls Balls' and others circling Gollums Waggon to make an attempt at the Leadership.... or is Cycleclips too f@cking stubborn to be aware of what might be happening..

    All just speculation on my part... all alleged of course.... but it passes a boring Wednesday afternoon.....

    Wednesday afternoons used to be Sports Afternoons years ago..... it was an excuse for a trip down Ye Pub.... :roll: :p 8O

    (edited due to fat fingers and too much coffee...)
  12. Could be the initial salvo in a new foreign intervention policy in Nepal.

    If we have troops in Nepal, will that reduce the Gurkha settlement requests?
  13. Also are we going to have a go at India, Pakistan, China?? All with higher rates of immigration to the UK than Afghanistan.
  14. With the right "political leadership" there is nothing stopping us doing that now !



    (If only we could !)

    One week of such "robust" control measures and illegal immigration/asylum seekers would be a thing of the past.
  15. Well now, an interesting point. DFID, that totaly out of control department with secret funding, run by the left wing open toe'd sandal wearing, yoghurt knitting brigade of broons infiltration army have been building a sumptious palace of offices in Kathmandu for several years now. Nothing but the best. Porcelain bathroom furniture shipped in by air freight from UK, for example. Does the EU approve? One can only speculate about who will staff this luxury suite of offices amongst the flies and squalour. And why? To fight ex soldiers over their settlements and rights, whilst building a palace of bureaucracy in the country of origin of said squaddies, at huge expense to the public purse is interesting to say the least.